Thursday, August 18, 2016

J, 3K

3K, hehehahahahohohoh. When I think of what Simon knew at 3 years old, I am inclined to force some education on my littlest. He was so excited at the thought of school. He got a special Leap Frog computer all of his own. He liked his desk and his little chair. That was on day one. For about five, no...three minutes.

By day two, worksheets had become weapons and he literally ate one. He ripped apart a worksheet with his teeth and then bit me when I tried to get the wads of paper out of his mouth. So yeah, not so much 3K. Plus, if three year olds had the knowledge to match their will, they would take over the world. Nobody wants a Jude in charge, I promise. The world would be a much funnier place though.

No, I am not stupid enough to give a three year old a venti coffee. I am, however, smart enough to bribe him with the last couple ounces and short straw him enough to get a few extra minutes of cooperation. :) Pinkies out!!

 Be still my heart!!

 Ready, set, go...whenever you're ready, sweet boy. 

S, 8th grade

Not a typo, my boy is in EIGHTH grade. That's a grade older than I was when I moved to South Carolina. He's such a cool kid. 
 He did not, nor does he ever, want to take pictures. I don't know when he started hating the idea, but I seem to remember him being a willing subject once upon a time. 
 He would not smile. 
 He declared that if he got poison ivy he would never take another picture as long as he lives.
 He's doing great in school. He's doing great in the CAP. He's freaking fantastic at the guitar. He's an awesome babysitter. He has surpassed me at all things technological. When I throw my hands up at the computer, he can usually fix it. His feet are bigger than mine. He is starting to take the lead on projects around the house instead of just helping with them. It makes up for the teenage mood swings, almost. 
 I can't believe this boy will be in high school next year. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

F, 5th grade

His September birthday makes it seem like he should be in sixth grade, but he's always been a grade behind everyone in his peer group. He's a little smarty pants like his Pa. If I was the bragging type I'd mention that he made perfect scores in nearly every subject on the standardized tests he took a few months ago, but since I'm not, I won't. :)
I wish I could copy and paste his love of reading to the rest of the knuckleheads. And also his attention to detail. When doing any school assignment, he reads every last bit of the instructions before beginning. If it's a map project, he studies the map before reading the questions. Who does that?! His father does that, but who else in this world does that??

 I'm so glad he humored me and put on dress clothes for a little photo shoot, even though it was 102 degrees out. 
 When we came in, I called upstairs to Simon, "Wanna get dressed up and take some pictures?" 
 Felix interjected, "You can't escape it, Simon. You can't escape it."
 And when I asked him to smile and said, "Show your teeth. Pretend you enjoy life!" He replied, "I have three brothers. What do you expect?" 
 :) Once the middle child, always the middle child.

I so love this guy right here. Smirky Turkey is growing up on me...just a tad faster than I think he should.  

Monday, August 15, 2016

T, 2nd grade

This one started second grade today. My pictures aren't all that creative. Our front door area is usually cluttered with toys and dogs and the hose is unwound and draped over the porch rail and there is a dragon fly burial mound happening on the welcome mat. Added to that, my kids don't go away, so slinging a book bag over their shoulder and posing them walking out the front door didn't make any sense. Added to THAT, it's four thousand degrees outside and my energy and creativity levels are neck and neck at non-existent. 

When looking for props, I selected a pencil and a chair. Even Titus was like, "Why do you have a pencil?" 

Who needs creativity when you have a kid so absolutely gorgeous as this one? I told Sean a few weeks ago, "Our Tito Burrito really is a beautiful child. He doesn't look like any of us. He doesn't look like me, he doesn't look like you..." Sean stopped me abruptly, "He better look like me or, you and me, we're gonna have a problem, m'kay?" 

There ya have it. Titus is in Second Grade, he has no idea what he wants to be when he grows up, his mother doesn't know how to take back to school pictures, and none of it really matters because he's obviously too cool for school anyway.

I'm kidding, it does matter. This morning as he read through his assignments and completed so much of them solo, I had many moments of, "I did that." Teaching a kid to read and write has got to be the most rewarding thing a person can do. I mean, there are other things as rewarding, sure, but...that's way up there at the tippity top of the list. 

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Just Beachy.

Ruby's first trip to the beach, almost a year ago. My goodness she was cute!!
The boys say she's still adorable. :)

What were they looking at?
 The biggest snake skin I've ever seen.
 Granted, I haven't seen a ton of snake skins, but I still didn't want to see the snake that outgrew this one.

 Gus had fun attacking it. I only hope he'd be so brave if it were an actual snake. 
 Ruby spent her beach time running like a cheetah. She's a quick lil pup. 

We enjoyed the solitude of this beach so much so that we came again a few days later with the peninsula's newest residents. :D


 My mean little dogs kept ganging up on my parents dog, Betty. It looks like she'd finally had enough in this picture, but I think she just wanted to play some more. :)

Forgive all the dog pictures, they just crack me up. The wind kept catching their ears and making them fly up.