Sunday, March 22, 2015

Time hop

July 2013: Wright Patterson
 March 2015: Langley

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

78 degrees

Why is there no degree mark on the keyboard? I know I'm not the only person who has ever wondered. With emoticons and all the rest, you'd think someone would've pushed forth a degree symbol. Is it in existence and I'm oblivious to it?

With the beautiful weather, we've been spending much time outside.
 Bath requiring time. His hair has been curling in the humidity, so I coaxed some curls in after his bath last night. Only one was in existence by this morning. 
 Today we enjoyed the weather to it's fullest. We started the day off with hugs and kisses.
 Ate a few cookies, apparently. I don't remember getting any cookies out of the pantry, but I found this on my phone. 
 We were outside by 10. 
Jude saw the neighbor on his tractor and stood waving like this for ten minutes, hoping Pete would offer him a ride. 
 Shirtless by 10:15. He was anyway. The neighbors were out, so I opted to keep mine on. ;)
 Titus finally had enough of my instruction and decided he was good to go on his own. He's been good to go, just needed the confidence. 
 Which he found somewhere close to the surface. 

 When Sean woke up(on call last night), we headed for the park. One obnoxious woman kept screaming at her grandkid, so I suggested the beach. 
 They searched for shark teeth. 
 Dug out a "super awesome coin" from the pier that turned out to be a Canadian penny. 
 This guy, who has never worn a hat for more than a minute kept yelling, "COLD! HAT!" every time a breeze kicked up. 

 After that, we stopped by the grocery store where we bumped into a friend. She offered to take the kids while we shopped. O-o I only needed a few things, so my bigs got to play with her kiddos. They found a snake and watched two of her older kids make a blow torch out of a hollowed out log and a leaf blower. We talked and talked and talked and she mentioned keeping the big three so we could go retrieve our motorhome. Who's crazy like that? The kids haven't stopped asking when they get to stay there. I don't blame 'em. This family has every outdoor vehicle knows to man. Boats, bikes, motorized things, the most amazing playground ever...Shoot, I may let Sean go get the RV alone and stay there myself!
I mentioned a desire to not get any jigglier than my current state of jiggle and Sean talked me into taking a jog with him. I did it, but I didn't enjoy it. I honestly do not understand how people run for fun. Fear for their life? Yes, run. Other than that, I can't think of a single good reason. Sean wouldn't stop talking and making me laugh and then goading me into running faster or farther. I think I may have cussed at him once or twice, maybe gave a rude hand gesture when I got a cramp.

By the time we made it home(alive, for the most part), I realized I kinda did have fun. I think I could make it a thing. I tried to dissuade further torture by telling him I'd need to buy pants and shoes and a fancy running bra and a neon colored headband. He rationalized that I was wearing pants. I rebutted that they're pajama pants. He won the argument by saying they are in fact workout pants, I only use them as pajamas.

 Dinner on the grill while the kids played in the yard, squeezing out the last drops of daylight. What a happy, happy, warm day. 

Said lately

"It seems size 38 is categorized as 'women's,' but they're technically unisex."-me
"I don't care! I really want 'em. I already wear women's shoes, it doesn't matter."-him
"It was one time!"-me

The shoes he mentioned were also unisex, they just happened to be in the women's department. They were nondescript, brown leather Merrels.


"Titus is very ignorant." He said it ignore-ant. "I asked him specifically if you said he could play the computer. He didn't answer me and turned it off." I asked him if he realized he made up a word and definition for it. "Yeah, I meant to." Wordly Wise 3000...worth the money. *I have so few pictures of this one lately. A prime example of why:


"Mom. Mom. Mama. Mom." Anytime I say Jude's name with any amount of you're-busted-pal intonation, he immediately cuts me off with "Mom. Mom..." It's adorable.


On my mom's last visit up, while passing a well known road, I was telling her about this area of our peninsula that has a fairly shady history. The story goes that a pirate ship crashed off the coast and the people aboard never left the area where they washed ashore.

"They all lived together in this community and inbred over decades and did some really horrible things to one another that have carried on as legend over the years..."

From the back seat of the car, long after the story was over, Titus asks, "How small were those people?"

Confused, "Uhhh, they were just regular sized people. They weren't small or big, just...why?"

"How did they fit in bread?"


I may have already posted this some time ago, but the phase is still going and I don't want to forget. Titus is quick to hand out a, "Haha, Sucka!" after he's made a brother the brunt of a well timed joke. I love it so much.


After a morning of whisper-screaming, "Die, <expletive>, die!" at a wasp, I called in the professionals. My morning was supposed to be a leisurely hour spent reading my Bible or showering or some such often interrupted deed. Instead, a hummingbird sized wasp flew into my kitchen while I was preparing my morning beverage. He decided to slurp water from the edge of a glass in the sink. If I swatted him or threw a shoe at him, I would wake up the kids. I opted for the only bug killer in the garage, ant spray. Luckily, it had a long hose. I let the stream of poison fly into the sink for a solid three minutes before that sucka went down.

The pest control guy was very, very thorough. He went into our attic looking for wasp nests, looked under the eaves, opened the fire place up...he couldn't find a nest anywhere, but he mentioned killing a large nest of spiders. "Oh, what kind of spiders?" I asked, knowing I should't have before I could pull the words back into my mouth. "Black widows. About 25 of 'em." I almost vomited right on the floor. Black widows aren't welcome in my house. I don't care if we live "in the woods."

I would've paid him $10,000 if he'd asked/I had it.

He then brought up the need to put down a snake barrier. As if the wasp incident didn't already make me want to burn down the house! We opted not to sign up for it yet. Wouldn't you know it, Sean saw a freakin' snake today.

I have no picture of our pest control guy. I do have a picture of the dead wasp, but it's not glory filled like the story. He looks piddly and dead. When he was alive, he was picture worthy. I'm telling you, he was a humming bird stunt double. We did pass our pest control man in traffic today. Turns out, he texts and drives in a Yaris. He obviously has a death wish. But, as we passed him, I yelled out, "It's Shawn! Everybody wave!" We're tight like that. Or we will be once we start seeing him quarterly regularly.

Ten on Tuesday

1A pick up truck hydroplaned in front of us the other day. It was horrible. We were in the middle lane, they sped up and passed us on the right. They were just a few feet beyond our front, right bumper when I saw the truck sway a little. "Whoa, whoa, whoa," I said, not yet realizing what was happening. As Sean took his foot off the gas and started to brake, the truck hit their brakes and it was on. He overcorrected after his brakes locked. His tail end slid right and then the entire truck spun around, crossing right in front of us, through the left lane. He hit the median pretty hard and I thought we were going to watch him die. By the grace of God, the truck didn't flip, but continued to slide all the way through the median and into oncoming traffic. Another miracle, the crowd of cars coming from the other direction was far enough back to stop in time. It was a very busy day on the roads and it can't be explained why there was a gap in traffic at that moment. The only damage we could see was a broken bumper. I imagine his upholstery was probably stained, too.

2You nevernevernever know when your time is up. You can't predict when you could become "other people." Sometimes car accidents/house fires/random acts of God don't happen to other people, they happen to you. Get right with Jesus while you still have a chance. I'm just saying it's worth thinking about.

3Titus learned to tie his shoes this about thirty seconds. It occurred to me that he hasn't had a pair of shoes with laces in quite some time. Velcro makes it easy to be a lazy parent.

4We found an amazing park today. It's close, it has ducks, it has trails, it has boats, it has a contained playground.

5Twelve years of motherhood and today we had a first. Mr. Jude took a dive off the top of said playground equipment. Scared the ever loving crap out of me. Thankfully, it was on the lower end of the equipment, but still a pretty high fall for him. He fared well and the ducks calmed him right down.

6I met a lady there with two little boys. She reminded me so much of my friend Amanda(hi, Friend!). Isn't it funny how life works? After a move, it seems I'm able to find people that have similarities to the friends I've left. I may never see this girl again. I don't even know her name. But for a bit, she reminded me of a friend and I was able to walk down memory lane with a smile on my face.

7I had a dream last night that I was attending yet another anesthesia school graduation. It was insanely real. The clothes, the location, my friends. My mom was there and not sitting by me for some reason. Jude was crawling all over me and my phone, which my mom had across the aisle, kept whistling. She was whisper shouting my text messages to me across the aisle and my friends didn't want to sit by me. I'm no dream analyst, but I sense my brain has not yet left school behind and I'm feeling rejected. I'm not sure about my mom's part in it. Maybe my subconscious just needs a visit from her. :)

8If you're looking for a tear-jerker: St. Vincent was a really cute movie. It has one entirely unnecessary sex scene at the beginning that's reaching for a laugh and flops into awkward zone and some flowery language, but the overall message was ok. I cried.

9On the other end of the spectrum is Forgiving Dr. Mengele, No Place on Earth, and Hitler's Children. All equally horrifying and fascinating. All free on Netflix. All documentaries/docudramas. I'm on a bit of a WW2 kick lately. The boys and I have finished studying the Civil War and Industrial Revolution. I'm anxious to get to the World Wars. Who needs fiction, history is fascinating.

10We have visitors coming for the next four weekends in a row. I'm so stinking excited I can't even stand it. The kids only know about one of them. Their BFF's are coming just before Tito's birthday. He wakes up every morning and goes to sleep every night asking if Sam is coming for his birthday. It's getting harder and harder for me to be vague. His little heart is going to explode when he sees his buddy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Birthday boy

The dad was late call today, so he got to spend a good bit of the morning with us. 

We let the littlest open presents pretty early. He got a power wheels, a latch board puzzle, a little house with doorbells and keys, a monster truck, a ball, a new pair of shoes, and a lawn mower. 

Cowlicks everywhere!
 I asked the biggest to sit here as enticement for the littlest. He's all about stealing people's seats and the limelight. This one got his haircut yesterday and it's insane how much he looks like his dad these days. 
Our ploy worked. 
Trying to hold up two fingers. 
You wouldn't believe the amount of bribery that went into getting him to hold this face long enough for a picture. Once he figured out he got a lollipop just for cheesin', we couldn't get him stop. 

The cakes may have looked like crap, but he begged for them all day long. When we finally lit the candles, he couldn't stop saying, "Ank-ou, Mom. Mom, ank-ou. MOM! Anks!" And when Dad filled his little dollar tree party cup full of milk, he thanked him the whole time Dad was in the kitchen putting the milk back in the fridge. "DaaaAaaaD! Ank-ou. Mowk. Ank-ou, Dad." 

And then he'd turn and take a bite of his cake(while dipping his fingers in Felix's icing).

We didn't make it to the boats because the weather turned and Sean ended up being on call. We'll see the boats eventually. I don't think Jude understands it's his birthday, he just thinks it was the best day ever. Cake, balloons, his very own power wheels, his brother's tripping over themselves to celebrate his very existence...yeah, he had a good day. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


 Literally, five seconds later...

He gives kisses without being asked. He'll crawl right up in your lap and lay one on you. He has also been known to bite cheeks under the guise of giving a kiss.

He does not give a crap about social norms. He does not feel the need to say hello when one greets him. He does not chat with strangers. He sees no problem with wiping his sticky, slobbery, dumdum pop goo on a perfect stranger. If someone sits down next to him and they happen to have clean sleeve napkins, that's on them.

He is busy. He doesn't play with toys a whole lot. He has his favorites, but for the most part, he just wanders around and gets into things.

He talks non-stop. Tonight he said "Amen" for the first time. It was the cutest word EVER. He said it, "Ah-mean."

He is in the lovey stage, but he is meaner than a snake. His moods swing drastically and quickly. I seem to remember phases with the others like this. That thought gives me hope. The boy is a every sense of the word.

90% of the time he has food on his face.

Any time he knows he has to sit still or be somewhat quiet he expects candy. You should see him in church, boy. He starts reaching in pockets before the preacher has said "Good Morning." He may come to love Jesus, but it's going to be with no teeth.

He's obsessed with shoes. I decided to bake ten little cakes and decorate them like shoes. Yeah. Cake decorating is for other people. We're either gonna have cake that tastes good or looks good. Apparently, we can't have both if they're made by Ma.

There is so much more I could say about this boy. I can't believe two whole years has passed since he came into our lives. What an awesome, awesome idea he turned out to be.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Snow Day

Sean hates the snow. To be able to talk him into going out in it to play with the kids was a huge accomplishment. Talking him into it is 90% of the battle. Once he's out there, he undeniably turns into a giant boy and has a blast. 

During our last snowfall, he busted his butt on the ice after helping a neighbor free their stuck truck. He wrenched his knee and has been hobbling around receiving equal amounts of sympathy and old man jokes. Ok...probably not equal amounts. Thankfully, his knee was mostly on the mend for this snowfall. They shut down the base and all was right in our world. 
Rather than just take in the beauty around us...rather than just calmly build a snowman together...rather than tug the baby around on a sled...rather than clear the snow from the driveway so we could get out in case of emergency: he fashioned a bazillion snowballs and 1/2 a snow castle before engaging in a full on snow war with the boys.
 The little two and I gave up on them, but not before I insisted upon a family picture. I got three in before a giant gust of wind blew snow all up in our faces and I the crowd went wild(with shouts of, "No more pictures!"). 
The cold made him delirious. He wouldn't keep his mittens on, so we didn't stay out long. 
We left the warriors outside and in we went for hot chocolate. 
He was blessing his hot chocolate.  

 Psssst...Jude! This is why nobody wants to sit by you at the table!
 Just as the hot chocolate was warming up on the stove, I hear the rest of the troop clomping in. 

"I hurt myself. I hurt myself bad. Gimme something."-Sean

Somehow it was all my fault as I was the one insisting we go out and enjoy the snow. It wasn't me who initiated a snow battle. I was half way into a six person snow family scene. Since Jude kept taking his gloves off, Mom and Dad Snow only had two segments and Simon snow was just a lump. Still...they were in the works. Instead of finishing my snow family, Sean decided to sprint back and forth across the yard, through eight inches of snow in bobo snow boots, decapitate my snow mom and fall while launching mom's head at Simon. injuring his recently healed knee. Thankfully, three days later, he is 99%.
 Felix was slurping on an ice cube having burned his tongue in his eagerness to consume liquid cocoa. 
 My boys don't hide much with their expressions. 
Apparently his hot chocolate level was lower than preferred. 
And now the snow has started to melt. As Felix recently asked, "Where's the warm weather? Isn't is Spring yet?" Poor kid still has Texas blood runnin' through his pipes. Admittedly I also thought Virginia would be in on the Spring thing by now. It is March.