Thursday, December 20, 2018

favorites from this week

And by week, I mean month. I really can't keep up with time. The months are flying by. She's made it to four months. I managed to get her to her well baby appointment. Surprise, we went in well and walked out with a lil cold. Awesome. 

Anyways, the most valuable info from that appointment is that she weighs 14 1/2-ish pounds. Could've gleaned that by weighing her at the BX and skipped the hospital germs, but I'm not even sure they sell scales. 

She's started dabbling in the world of real food. Well, baby food, which doesn't seem entirely real given the colors and concoctions. I did baby led weaning with Jude, because he was cloth diapered and it's hippy baby law. Not really, I just didn't want to deal with the combo of cloth diapers meets baby food. Ew. 

Little Miss kept eye balling our food and she's not really all that interested in things like sleep. I thought food might help. It hasn't, but she's super cute when she's gumming the slop off the spoon. 

On that subject, we figured out the noise of the Osprey wakes her up. She'll sleep through a lot, but the low thump of the Osprey blades and she's all, "Gooooooood morning!" Today I managed to get her back to sleep three separate times. By the third PEEKABOO, I was ready to join the Japanese in boycotting the Osprey.

If she remembers to grab her cheeks like this as she grows up, she'll be able to get anything she ever wants. 

Pinky out! She's practicing for all the tea parties we're going to have. 

It was hard to compete with Santa's face on this fabric. She kept turning away from the camera to stare at jolly ole St. Nick.

The dimples! The halo...err, hair bow! Oh what an angel, she is.

And we're off to try and ramen away our colds.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


I could wax on about how amazing this kid young man is. I could blather about how studious he is when interested in something. How he's focused and diligent and respectful. I could repost comments so many of his customers have made in regards to his work ethic. I could weep openly about how quickly my baby boy grew into a man. I could retell so many stories of the little everyday moments I remember from every age. I could write a list of all the people who love him and type all the ways he's touched their lives.

But I won't. I mean, I kinda just did, but I'll stop. It's a mom's job to gush, no? We are so proud of this guy. Our first born. Our greatest experiment who has somehow turned out, is turning out, so much better than we ever could've hoped. 

Just one mom moment...HOW(hooooooooooow?!?!??!) is this only a two year difference? Time, you jerk!

Forget it. I can't leave it at just pictures. 

Gone are the days of reminding him to brush his teeth and change his socks and pick up after himself. The hot wheel cars and legos and pockets full of little boy treasures are long gone. Once upon a time he seemed to need me. Now it's me hollering up the stairs, "Hey, Simon! Can you help me?" He turns to his dad more often for advice, to share a joke, to discuss his future, to help with math. We got to shaving and driving and college shopping and future building a lot more suddenly than anticipated. What felt like a steady drive now feels like we've reached some kind of turn off. A little parking area, to gather our whits before moving on to the next leg of our journey. What scares the crap out of me and makes a little sob catch in my throat is that I'm not the one driving for the next piece, not figuratively or literally.

As parents, we do so much for them for so long and then one day...they're doing it all for themselves. I suppose that's the whole point, to get them to this place in life. The milestones look so different here. The little peeks into their future that let you know they're gonna make it. As I breathe a little sigh of relief, I know the jobs not done, it never will be. 

He doesn't say, "Hey, mom, watch this!" nearly as often anymore, but I am. I'm still watching, my boy.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Santa Baby

One of my little elves talked me into making sugar cookies after dinner. I made coffee because...sugar cookies are a serious time commitment and I was running on half a tank. That little elf gave up after one batch, but this little elf hung out with me. She got her first real food in the form of some frozen pureed pumpkin I roasted last month in the hopes of making something pumpkin-y for Thanksgiving. She was a big fan. 

Anywho, that coffee has me all <blink blink> at quarter to one while everybody else is off snug in their beds. SO pictures. The BX had this lil hat in my line of vision the other day. Not sure if the hat is tiny or baby girl has a big head, but I could barely squeeze the sucker over her melon. :)

Her being an August baby tracks right along with Felix's baby seasons as a September baby. I only wish I'd thought to recreate this one of baby Feefs.

Why can't they stay babies?? Just to compare and since I'm wide awake...

Titus at 4 months:

Jude at 4 months:

I don't have one of the oldest at four months because he predates my digital files. 

On that note, I'm off to take a walk down memory lane via pictures in the hopes it will send me off to dream dreams of when they were all sweet little babies. 

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Right place, right time

Sean is a homebody. We have a few small people who have taken after him in that trait. I am the complete opposite of a homebody and we have a few small people that take after me in that trait. Every weekend is a bit of a battle of wills. Over the years, I've figured out if I suggest a day trip that's completely ridiculous, I can get him to agree to other slightly less ridiculous places. Today, I wasn't at the top of my game. I had a place I really wanted to go, but he caught me off guard and I spit out, "Showa Park."

Dang it.

I already went there this week. I even have plans to go back next week. I knew the leaves hadn't changed yet, but I couldn't reel it back in once he'd already said, "Hm. Okay." So off we went. The stinking (literally) leaves are still mostly green, but I got a few keepers and we got the bonus of feeling like movie stars/a freak show as so many people eyeballed our crowd of children. 

Boy, what a difference a year makes. 

As we were leaving the park, I noticed an older fella up ahead of us on the path. He was shuckin' and jivin' a bit and it seemed odd. I was about to say aloud, "Why is that old man dancing?" He kind of jerked backwards several steps before going completely stiff and slamming to the ground. The sound of his head hitting concrete is something I wish I could un-hear. True to their culture, no one freaked out. Only one family cautiously walked up to him as we rushed to his side. A small crowd soon gathered as the silly white man tried to communicate with the unconscious old Japanese fella. Thank GOD the one Japanese lady who had stopped understood enough of what Sean was saying that they could help him. 

They got an ambulance en route. Sean was making sure he was breathing and had a pulse. He was holding pressure to his head wound. About that time a Romanian(??) guy came running up speaking a heavily accented English and Japanese. Turns out, he used to work on an ambulance. Between the three of them, the got the guy to tell him his name(Ohashi san), but he was in bad, bad shape. The ambulance got there in probably five minutes. At that point, we were kind of in the way. Sean lost his sun glasses in the chaos and quietly asked the Romanian if he'd seen them. One of the Showa Park workers overheard and it suddenly became top priority to find Sean's sunglasses. Despite the, "Mondainaidesu (it's okay, it's okay)," over and over again, Mr. Ohashi played second fiddle to finding those sun glasses. 

They were located quickly and, thankfully, Mr. Ohashi didn't die while they were searching. One of the medics had tucked them in with the patients belongings thinking they were his. Then it was all over and we walked away with zero closure. I'm so sad he was there all alone. I hope he has a family to go home to to take care of him. I hope his melon was okay. I hope it was just a fall and not a heart attack or stroke. Sean made sure to calm my fears (nope) by telling me all about what could've been wrong with the man. :(

 A few more shots to compare last year with this year. 

Felix and Simon have been going to the gym 4 days a week with Sean. Buncha beef cakes. 

 And one of the sleepy princess. She was such a trooper. I kept pulling her from the warm cocoon of her stroller for pictures. She wasn't a huge fan of that, but still gave me a few apathetic stares into the lens. I'll take it, Kid! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


I know we aren't supposed to have favorites, but she's definitely my favorite daughter.