Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It will be a miracle

if this kid makes it to ten. I say that phrase several times a day. No idea what is still going on with my pictures. Even the Photobucket uploads aren't working. No bother, I'm switching over to Typepad Jan 1.
There is nothing like two freshly buzzed boys. I love getting their hair cut. The barbers on base are cheap and do a great job.
This shirt really doesn't fit him anymore. Ever since Beth came to visit earlier this year, he begs me to take an upside down picture of him in it. She mentioned it's a six upside down. The shirt is going to Felix and the boy is going to seven, so I obliged.

Back to the miracle that is Felix. I wandered outside a few days ago. I have no idea what led me to, a sixth sense maybe? I saw a pair of scissors and a length of rope at the end of the driveway. "This can't be good." was all that came out. The father was responsible for the big two. They'd been playing all day. Tromping through the woods, shooting their BB guns, riding bikes...Sean is usually uber safe. He does tend to roll his eyes when I force the helmet issue, though.

tsk tsk tsk Mama knows best.

After discovering the rope, I looked down to the end of the street and see Sean's bike in the road. I start walking and then I hear Felix screaming his little head off. He got a "pop knot big enough for a calf to suck on," but was fine within an hour or so. It was enough to scare the crap out of Sean and enough that they'll all listen to me about helmets from now on.
He insisted on wearing this coat that is waaaaaay too small. All in all, though, quite the cute outfit.
Little ragamuffin can't stand to have his picture taken. For these 3 or 4 decent ones, I have about 30 horrible ones.
He is a hard headed little cutie.

I finished my second quilt. It is obvious to me that I am still learning. This one jacked my tension all up and I can not get it back to normal. I've tried it all! I may try dropping my machine a time or two, maybe throw it a distance...that's worked in the past.

I went to the grocery store this eve. Not fun. Not fun at all. I actually abandoned my cart after two aisles and we went to Baskin Robbins instead. I needed strength. Plus, their totally annoying ice cream cake commercial had me considering a turkey cake for Thanksgiving instead of attempting a homemade cheesecake. I opted out of the cake and instead decided to test my sanity at Target. It was highly successful and should a famine occur in the next year or so, I have enough stuffing and green beans to go around. That said, they were out of springform pans so I may have to make another trip to BR tomorrow. Shucks.

It's just the five of us this year. I'm looking forward to it. I'm gonna be homesick, but we've got a lot of plans and new traditions and decorating for Christmas and games and movies and foooooooood to keep our sadness at bay.

I can't believe November is coming to an end.


Cheryl Wray said...

Boys are something else, aren't they? I think God gives certain people boys, and others He gives girls. He mustve known I could only handle girls!

Those pictures are all seriously adorable!

Brown English Muffin said...

Based on what Cheryl said lord knows what god thinks of me!! LOL

I can't believe you ditched the cart!! LOL I've done that only once in Marshals I think it was. It felt good!!!

If they'd just make Target a full fledged grocery store as well then we'd be set.

Kimberly White said...

Your pics are wonderful ... enjoy Thanksgiving! (We celebrate that in October and it's not nearly as big of a deal in Canada as it is in America).

Corey said...

Happy Thanksgiving Chrissy! :)
I hope you and the boys have a great time just being together. Now that we have this whole Tahoe hoopla going on, I sorta want to crawl in a whole with my people and have Thanksgiving by ourselves! LOL!
Felix is a cutie too bad about the bump on his head :(

Jude said...

ok, these two middle children of ours are so eerily similar! (oh, and em has those same shoes! love it!!)
glad the head is ok...
wish our five was spending turkey day with your five! :(

beth said...

yay for the 6 photo. :)