Saturday, November 21, 2009

oh boy

When Sean went shopping last night for camping stuff, I specifically told him not to buy anything that could be a Christmas present. Not even a little compass{hello? stocking stuffer!}. On his way home, he calls to tell me he got Simon a BB gun, it was only $20. Well that justifies giving a six year old a weapon, duh. So this morning, we were talking about said weapon again, me doing the typical, "He'll shoot his eye out" schpeel and he mentions something about $40. "I thought you said it was only $20."

"I got two," he says.
"You bought a gun for a four year old?!?"
"No...I bought one for me."
pause. blink. blink. trying to decide which argument to make first.
"You bought yourself a BB gun?...You couldn't have just shared with Simon?"
"Well...mine is a lot cooler." he says

Of course it is. I really wasn't bustin' on him. I agree that this is the stuff dad's get to look forward to. Apparently, mom's of boys get to look forward to being left home alone while their men go camping.

On their way out the door, Simon had to have a little good-bye session with his baby. I love the look on his face.
This one and I went shopping. Remember waaaaaaaay back when I found out he was a boy? Remember how I had a whole blog post dedicated to how much I hate little boy clothes, especially one's with animals{I may have even specifically said moose} on 'em? Here is an example of how moose can sometimes be okay. I love this shirt. :) This moose has no eyeballs. This moose is not grinning. This moose is not wearing clothes himself. This moose is not playing soccer. This moose is acceptable in my baby's closet.
**Sean called. They're on their way home. He made it 7 1/2 hours, I give him major props for that.
On a more serious note...
We had to go to BAMC for an audiologist appt yesterday. Brooks Army Medical Center is where most injured soldiers go upon coming back to the States. Well, I don't know if it's most, but I know they funnel a LOT of soldiers through those doors. Sean dropped us off at the door while he went to go hunt down a parking space. We were standing at the entrance to this ginormous hospital, surrounded by people in camo. It was a truly humbling experience. Most of them were just typical soldiers, milling about, but there were a few walking past with prosthetics.
A few days ago, I read a comment on someone's blog. They had posted a "thank you" on Veteran's Day and some idiot had the gaul to say something along the lines of -This war has nothing to do with our freedom. If you want to be thankful, thank a soldier from WW2.
Um, what?
Obviously someone who doesn't watch the news. Or have any connection with reality.
People like that really tick me off. If they did watch the news, they would see that hotels/churches/schools get blown up around the world. People in the Middle East can't so much as go to the grocery store without the fear of some nutjob blowing them up. What would America be like if we had to fear suicide bombers every time we stopped in for an overpriced latte?
Get a clue, you worthless American. Better yet, move to France. I don't know how I feel about this war. I know it seems to be going on and on and on. I know it seems an awful lot like our own President doesn't watch the news. 18 weeks later, he still hasn't given the commanders he chose an answer about more troops. Either way, though, those soldiers are giving it their all b/c it's their mission.
Seeing kids younger than me with just a "stick and a shoe{that would be Simon}" and knowing they lost their ability to just be whole, that's what makes me so angry at ignorant people. Grr.
Okay. I'm done now. All this talk about ignorant people makes me want to rant about the healthcare debate. Oh my goodness, I watched C Span today. Makes my head want to pop off. Politicians are just scumbags. Greedy scumbags and I can't figure out for the life of me how these people keep getting voted into office.
*sigh* that's all. For real this time.


Corey said...

i have to say i love your political rants :) you have the ability to bring to word things I think about all the time.
Yeah for BB guns!! Dude, Jake got his first one when he was 2. (ok it was really for Pete) But we now have 4 or 5 of them spread around here and the ranch.
Have a great Sunday

Anonymous said...

I totally didn't get the whole boy clothes issue last time you posted, but boy oh boy, I get it now!! Hope you are doing well! Miss our TN chats!

Kimberly White said...

Hey ... I hope Matt never comes home with a BB gun (or any gun for that matter -- we already have a cap gun - grr.) And I just want to say ... thanks. Thank you to all the soldiers (American and Canadian) who are dedicated to fighting this war so we can have freedom --- and I make it a point not to watch the news because it just makes me mad. I think my energy is much better used praying. But that's just me. Hope you have a wonderful day my friend!

nicole said...

dreading the day I see a bb gun...actually jeff's from when he was a kid is in our garage - but no bb's yet.
Jeff told me too many stories about his antics as a kids with a bb gun for me to trust it - like the kid he shot in the forehead and the bb was imbedded - ouch.
oh well boys will be boys i suppose :)

Brown English Muffin said...

1. I hate the gun. Big C bought a BB Gun and nearly shot out his nephews eye. (But I know you're not offended as you know that's just me voicing my opinion.

2. Whats up with the "Move to France" speech! If Big C came home one day and said Honey we're moving to France I'd be sooo elated! I have you see Michael Moore's documentary and all that they get in France! LOL

3. LOVE the moose shirt!!!

4. I have no idea either how ANY of these people get into power. What does it say though...are we nutier than a fruit cake for voting them into office, or is politics corrupt and no matter who you vote for the bad guy always wins?

5. I'm stepping down off my soap box now and I just love your blog and if you ever stopped I'd cry.

Jude said...

oh yes... the weapons have arrived. I cannot believe Seans uber short hair though!!!

caro said...

Weapons and boys - how does that instinct persist? It even knows just when to kick in! Been thinking of you, tx for the "Jesus is the reason for the season email". Political correctness is only recently creeping into the commercialism of it here - HATE is my word, for the way the deceiver causes dilution & "acceptibilty". LOVE your passion. You rock.