Sunday, November 29, 2009


Wee man has decided to mix things up a bit.In the last few weeks he's decided to 86 a few things like...

baths in the sink
sitting still
being content
eating anything and everything
being quiet
having his diaper changed easily and quickly

His sleeps are all out of whack again. He is boycotting his first nap of the day. In the past, I was able to get two good naps out of him. Now, he teases me. He goes to sleep like a champ and then pops his little eyeballs open just when I get into a task. Yesterday, he only slept for like 20 minutes. Not cool, dude. You would think he'd sleep like a rock at night. And you would be wrong. His interrupted naps make for an entire interrupted sleep rythym. Lucky for me, I know this phase will not last forever.

Today we ran to the grocery store right around his usual nap time. He was being a trooper and I was only going in for a few things. I wish I'd had a camera of some sort. He fell asleep on the way to check out. His little forehead was resting on the buggy handle. It was the cutest thing I've{and every shopper we passed + the cashiers & baggers} ever seen.

He's right on the verge of crawling. While it's exciting and has me rooting from the sidelines, I still hold to my favorite baby stage being 3-6 months. Smiley, giggly, and anchored. He is turning into quite a little handful. He can't just sit still and be. He has to be twisting and turning, taking his legs out of the highchair holes and hanging them over the side. Even in his swing, he likes to be twisted around. He learned a lesson the hard way about leaning over the side of his swing last week. He's really gotten a bit big for the swingading...

Judging by his physique, it's clear he is not a picky eater. That is changing. He's become quite opinionated about his food lately. He's starting to clamp his little lips closed and turn his head away if he does not approve. Tonight, he ate most of the kidney beans out of my chili, but refused his applesauce. Go figure. Mealtime is usually when his "singing voice" comes out. Oh boy. I'm just hoping he doesn't get us kicked off the plane next month. Yes, it's that bad.

He's a big fan of socks, just not on his feet. I'm going to start charging people to state the obvious, because if I got a quarter every time I heard, "He's missing a sock," he'd have a right nice college fund going.

His hair is getting fluffy. Mostly just after bathtime. I remember Felix going through a fluffy hair phase. I used to call him my little gossling. *sigh*

A boring post, for sure, but one just to jog the memory should I ever be inspired to scrapbook again. I have no desire lately. I did, however, find a manual for my sewing machine online. That little Singer can do more than I thought and I'm actually pretty happy with it. I've got an idea for quilts #3-6, just need to sit down and start cutting.

I can't believe tomorrow is it for November. I am so not ready for December yet. I am not feeling Christmas at all. I don't want to decorate. I have no desire to put up the tree. Just the thought of shopping makes me homicidal. The one thing I am looking forward to is our trip home, two weeks from tomorrow!

That's about it, I suppose.


Corey said...

I am SO with you on the not being ready for Christmas. I'm starting to panic though...Tomorrow is Dec. 1st and I've done NOTHING.

Jude said...

i bet if you gel the fluff, he will look curly... id you do it take a pic for me! :)

beth said...

he's cute.
must see him soon.
and you of course.