Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009, I Hardly Knew Ye

I dated a paper '08 the other day. I had to think about what year it is really hard. I don't remember any head injuries...

It's been a good year. A great year. I'm excited and anxious and curious to see what 2010 brings, but for now, I'm going to enjoy the last evening of 2009 with 3 of my favorite boys.

Even if #1 disobeyed and didn't throw the pen away two days ago. Even if #1 disobeyed again by not throwing the pen away after he revealed he still had it. Even if #2 found the hidden pen and drew a giant square on the carpet that will not come out. AND even if #3 has been waking me up a whole lot over the last week...I will enjoy this last day of the year with them.

Mostly because, they're going to bed early.

I wanted to snap one last shot of us on the last day of the year. This one is so very true to life. Simon in a muscle tee, a shirt he would wear every single day if I'd let him. He's gotta share his guns with the world, y'know? The tuck, of course, that's him. I try not to fight it. Felix not looking at the camera, very true to life. Lastly, T with a guacamole stain on his shirt and no socks, contemplating {almost}crawling away. My boys on the last day of 2009.

*also, if anyone can give me some magical cure for removing ink from carpet, I'd be most appreciative!


Corey said...

I have to laugh. Simon and Jake are just SO much alike it's not even funny. He has a 'wife beater' T that he would wear every single day too. The other day it was freezing cold and I found him outside playing with only that T on. And that sucks about your carpet. We have a stain on ours like that too. It's been about 3 years and I have yet to get it out :(
I hope 2010 brings you many, many joys and blessings!

beth said...

2009 was a good year and 2010 will be filled with even more good times.

Brown English Muffin said...

did you try the good old fashioned really moist baby wipe? I've yet to find a stain that a baby wipe did not remove...and pen comes out of our couch and clothes all the time with a baby wipe.