Friday, December 25, 2009

camera v. video

I'll take camera any can't hear the whining.

Or the political humor. Though that part I wouldn't mind hearing again. This was Christmas Eve snackery. Sean was just commenting on how cute he thinks Harry Reid is. Silly ole goat voting no the first go 'round because he was "so excited." I bet you were, Dirty Harry, I bet you were.
This guy opened up this flashlight and got so excited he fell out of his chair. He's my clumsy one. Just like my Grandma was. Kindred spirits, those two.

While Sean and Titus ran to the store for chocolate, we decorated a gingerbread house we had no intention of eating. While it would appear to be my dream house, it actually tasted like pure nastiness. Next year, I'm going homemade all the way.
After whining bunches and bunches about everything under the moon, we took a peek to see where Santa was, threatening that he still had time to turn around.

This morning we had Sean's fabulous crepes. I am not a fruity breakfast kinda person, but these are like manna from Heaven and in honor of Jesus' birthday, I just felt I should partake. I could partake in them every day, in fact. Even Simon puts down 4 or 5 every time Sean makes 'em.

The man is obsessed with all things culinary lately. I, for one, love it. For dinner he made a turkey and all the fixings, with an apple crumble for dessert. Again, I strongly dislike warm fruit as dessert, but he gave it his Midas touch and it is now mostly gone aside for a small portion for him to eat when he gets off work in the morning.
The wee one is a big fan of whipped cream.

I am a big fan of this face.

And this one. We didn't do gifts for each other. I got him a tiny deck of cards for his stocking. They kept him entertained all morning long.

I got the boys each a box of crayons. Sean apparently didn't see new crayons as such a great idea. What can I say? The ruined laundry is worth the artwork.

I just love his little face. He's easy to please, too.

These two didn't like the fact that most of their presents matched. If they didn't match, they'd fight over them, so what is one to do?

He got his first ornament from one of his favorite people.

A new tradition. A family portrait when the chaos settles. PJs, bedhead and all.

My baby's first Christmas. I don't want to think about how much will change by next Christmas with this little fella.

I love their matching monster jammies. And their matching faces.

After seeing his cousin carrying her baby sisters around, Simon is now all about carrying Titus around. It's tough though, T weighs half what Simon weighs and he always looks like he's about to tip over when he's lugging him to and fro.

Monster Jams.
Simon begged for a shaving kit.
And I assumed they'd fight over it, so they both got one.
I know the day will be here soon enough that shaving isn't cute anymore. :(
Sorry if that was boring. I have some family on facebook and some not. Gotta share the pictures both places so they can watch my kids grow up.


Corey said...

not boring! i love seeing how people celebrate :) plus I'm at my moms and for some reason I can't log into facebook. your pics look really good too. did you figure out how to do upload them a better way, or is it because I'm on a mac?? Looks like you guys had a great day. Merry Christmas Amports!!!

nicole said...

looks like a wonderful christmas!!! fun to see your pictures.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your post! Thomas got the same ornament!

Brown English Muffin said...

That means you don't like warm apple pie and ice cream!!! What the hecks wrong with you girl!!! LOL