Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I don't recall

*this picture has nothing to do with the post. I just like pictures in posts. And these two are cute. And kids in conversation makes me smile. And wonder what they're talking about. And wish I was a kid again. I love that he's taking whatever she has to say so seriously. I love that she has a flower in her hand. I love that when we took this same shot six years ago, she had a leaf in her hand.

Back to the post. I don't recall...

hide and seek being such a noisy game.

Simon and Felix were seeking Sean and I heard the former tell the latter, "Just bust the door open and scream."

"I'd rather not," came his super proper reply. Simon is always trying to get Felix to do the dirty work.

We went to get the big present today. It's a great deal, seriously unheard of according to Mr. Costco, but still ridiculously expensive. In the time it took us to shuffle some money around, they sold out. It's a big swing set. Like...big. But I know they'd love it and when I break the cost down over three kids X the ten years of use we're sure to get out of it, it's basically free. Sean doesn't see it so clearly, but he did come around. Then they sold out.

We figured a trip to Santa was in order. To make sure he understands that we're taking full credit for the swing set, should the 12 they have ordered come in tomorrow. The wait was two hours. Who really needs to see Santa anyways? Rumor has it, he's more likely to remember your requests if you mail them to him anyways.

We're still up in the air about the swing set. If anyone out there has one{a Rainbow} and can give advice, it would be appreciated. I would like the kids to have something to do in the back yard besides throw rocks at each other and climb on the electric box.


Corey said...

I have no idea about the swing set. I mean, my SIL has a small old style one that the kids always play with. But that's it. I'm sure the kids would love it though. :)
I LOVE that picture you posted. so sweet.
Oh and hide and seek is never quiet at our house either. go figure.

nicole said...

ok glad that hide and seek isn't just a screaming game at my house :)

we do have a rainbow swing set - and while i like it and the kids definitely do use it a lot, if I had to do it again I'm not sure if I would go with 'rainbow' when there are other options out there for a lot less money that would work just as good. also when we were sold our set the salesperson made the claim of 'virtually' maintainence free - yeah right - we will be staining the entire thing this spring....
but again you can't go wrong with a swingset...

Jude said...

what in the world is a "quiet game"? LOL :)
I think I know the swing sets you mean, it has the little climbing wall, and such right? I wanted one too, and we debated it, but then could not swing the $$. I definitely think it is worth it, and your boys would love it. have you tried costco online?