Friday, December 11, 2009

just like that

Titus slept all night long{and is still asleep as I type}. The wonders of modern medicine. After two nights of absolutely no sleep, Sean and I have been checking in on him constantly to make sure he's still breathing.

The man passed his CCRN. It's a test he's been meaning to take for years. Seriously. It's an expensive test, though, so he just kept putting it off. He finally took it and blew it out of the water, just like I knew he would. Luckily, the military pays you back for it, so long as you pass.

Today is Simon's last day of school before Christmas break. :) He gets an extra week since Sean couldn't get any other time off. Per Nicole's post, I whipped up two teacher presents last night. I'll post pictures later. I sent them in "Merry Christmas" bags, with a picture of Simon that I photoshopped in a "Merry Christmas." I tucked it inside a Christmas card with a Christmas message about the true meaning of Christmas. They don't make "Winter Holiday" gift bags.

I must start packing. The laundry is ready to be folded and tucked into a suitcase. I still have a present or two to figure out. Sean was saying we don't need to take presents as we spent a fortune on plane tickets and that's present enough. Yeah, can't wrap that.


Corey said...

thank goodness for the 'pink stuff'! it works wonders. i used to be upset of the Dr. told me it wasn't an ear infection. I know that's mean, but at least they'd get some medicine that way and I'd know they'd feel better and we'd all sleep.
When do you leave on your trip home?

Jude said...

i would take you as a gift so long as you wore a bow on the plane... ;)