Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Yay, Blogger has finally decided to upload pictures again. But they still look pretty crappy. I started a Typepad blog. I don't like it. It's frustrating and I am a true creature of habit. I have Blogger figured out. It's aggravating, but easy. I don't need all the bells and whistles that typepad has to offer.

I think I just need convincing that it's worth it. Or maybe I need convincing to just stick with what I already have. Any opinions?

If I could figure out the right formula for uploading to Photobucket and then just copying my pictures over here, it would help a lot. They are either HUGE or small and grainy/pixelated. I can't find a happy balance. These are saved at 7inches wide, 300dpi. Usually, when I upload to PB, I save them at 12in wide, 300 dpi and then resize them in PB. Advise me.

And I can't just not post pictures. I mean...look at him. :)
The other two have snot crusted to their faces, as does this one today. Sick kids are pleasant. At least they're getting it over with before our big trip!


Kimberly White said...

So very cute! I've never really had a problem with my pictures on Blogger ... but I have a MAC so maybe that helps me?

nicole said...

when I upload to photobucket I resize to 6x4 at 72 dpi - that seems to work for me - where with blogger i would have resized to 6x4 at 300 dpi.
either way those are some cute photos of titus :)

Corey said...

i know exactly what you mean about creature of habit. plus I looked at Typepad the other day and it said 14.95 a month?? I didn't think it was that expensive. It scared me away. I have issues with pictures in blogger too, it seems like recently they changed it to resize your pics automatically : making them look grainy and wierdly colored? At least that's what it seems like to me when I upload. Maybe Nicole has the right idea? :)

beth said...

he sure doesn't look like a baby any longer.

Jude said...

um, I never upload to photobucket... why do you do that? Is this something I should know and once you tell me I will feel stupid and have to pretend I did know? ;)
Oh, and are these taken with the glorious speedlite? Love them all!

Brown English Muffin said...

ok ok ok....question...when u save them using blogger....do you go into picasa where they are actually saved and pic the size you want??? Then copy THAT url for posting the picture?

Or do you just load them using blogger and hope for the best?

If I don't care I do that latter, if I care then I go into my picasa folder and use the GUI on the left to select the link size of the picture I want.