Friday, December 11, 2009

We call him

Mook Mook
Fatty McGee
Mr. T
Tighty Whitey
Boog Boog
Chumba Wumba
Hymie{short for High Maintenance}

But today, we're just calling him back to normal. The pink stuff has worked wonders.

While I'm on the subject of names, someone my sister knows has a sister that is naming their baby Titus. I've heard they're normal and not from some strange, unknown tribe of leprechauns deep in the heart of Ireland. It makes me happy.

I like that my kids will never have to distinguish themselves among the masses as far as their names go. So far, Simon has never been made fun of for his name. It's pretty accepted now. Not so much when I was telling people what his name was going to be almost seven years ago. Even Felix is popping up in quite a few places. There was a Felix in a recent Target commercial and it was also in Pottery Barn Kids. I saw it tonight on the back of someone's car window{football helmet decal with FELIX #15}. There was a Felix on Blue's Clues once. It means "happy," how could people not love it? We'll see how it fares when he gets to school. I've only thought of one name that can be used against Titus. I found another one when I almost made a pretty bad typo on the Christmas cards. So glad I noticed the "U" was missing. :)

My Simonster will be seven one week from today. Why do the numbers have to keep going up? I really, really can't believe it. It's going too fast. I keep thinking of all the things I'm doing wrong with him. He's the first, so naturally, he'll be the one that needs a shrink. In all that I've done wrong and all the ways I've fallen short as his Mama, he's turning out alright. I feel like, if nothing else, I've given him the most important thing I time. Love and affection and all that, too, but I really think time is what they need. I've been able to witness all the little stuff and big stuff and all the in between stuff and I don't regret any decision I've made when it comes to that one and his tagalongs. Anyways...

I should be packing. I am so excited! We leave Monday morning.


hippo chick said...

You know that I love your childrens' names. When my daughter, Paige Lynnette, was born and we took her home to see the family, my niece came running into my mom's house and said, "Hi Aunt Pam, my mother hates your baby's name." Who could ask for more. If my sister hated it, it must have been good.

~hippo hugs~

Cheryl Wray said...

I just ADORE your boys' names!!!

I know a few Simons, but no Felix or Titus. I think they're wonderful names!

I love tat we gave your girls pretty unique names, although it's crazy how now there are plenty of little McKennas running around (I guarantee...when we named her almost 18 years ago, she was the only one we knew!). There aren't many Delaneys either, although there are too many Sydneys (when I get tired of hearing of other ones, I revert to "Scout").

nicole said...

so fun to read all his nicknames - i made a similar post for william when he was a little guy :)
fun to see what they evolve into and what sticks...we still call william chilly dog - which started out as chilly willie and then chilly...

i think you pick great names too btw!

Jude said...

the missing u... cannot stop giggling!

Brown English Muffin said...

wow what I feel the most guilty of is not giving my little one time....she always asks me to play with her and I always have dinner to cook, laundry to fold, bath water to run, lunch to cook or I'm just plain tired... I almost cry every time I think about it.

beth said...

i like that kid.
ok, i like all of them.