Wednesday, January 13, 2010

9 months{and one day}

Oh, Titamook...My baby. You turned nine months old yesterday. That deserves a post. I don't want to forget all the fabulousness that is YOU right now.

This picture is from your last day in the eight month time frame. I let Daddy get you from your crib. I wanted him to be able to claim your first smile of the day. Usually, you wake up happy as a little clam. Sleeping through the night is pretty hit or miss, but when you do sleep in your own bed, you wake up and bounce a bit. You like to pull on the bumper and get all the ties undone and use it as a peek a boo tool. Sometimes, I just stand in the door and watch you for a few minutes. I get so tickled watching you that I end up startling you as I burst into your room with an, "I can't stand it! I just have to hug you!"

You started crawling a few days ago. A boy after my own heart, you crawled towards my lens cap. Thatta boy. As soon as Daddy came home, I set you up to show off. He sat down on the stairs and undid his boots. He got a glazed over look and said more to himself, "At least I got to see him do that."

Another milestone he didn't miss, you got your first TOOT{not a typo, I call teeth, "toots." We try our hardest not to use actual words in our house.} two days ago. Simon had a whole head full of teeth at your age and Felix was at least sporting the fronts. I'm actually quite thankful you're still gummy. Although, I can't wait to see those bottom teeth grins. And it's kinda cool that you and Simon are growing teeth at the same exact time. That boy looks like a shattered window frame with all his half ins, half outs, gappy toothed grins.

I'm also quite sure you may be a genius. You make this noise when you're playing and I just realized the other day, you only make it when you're playing with cars. It's SO a motor noise and I am convinced that puts you in some super smart category. You're picking up a lot from those brothers of yours.

You say "Ma Ma" and "Da da" with meaning now. You do speak some gibberish aimed at your brothers. I'm almost positive you say, "that," but I could be wrong.

You officially weigh 19 pounds, 13 ounces. Yay for Urgent Care reassuring me that green snot doesn't always mean ear infection.

Now that you're mobile, you're hearing, "No, No..." a lot. At first, you'd snatch your hand back from whatever it was you were about to topple. Now, you turn, smile and pull a Felix. Today alone you've broken a piece off of my printer that has made it through at least five moves and shattered a bowl full of Lucky Charms. You tried to pull a huge calendar off your brothers' wall and I'll be shocked{hee hee} if you don't electrocute yourself with the XBox cord.

You are absolutely the best baby ever. You could not have come at a better time. You have no idea how much your mama depends on your little smile.

Which leads me to, your greatest milestone of your young life...saying goodbye to Daddy. Granted, you have no concept of time and really aren't aware, I think it's a big thing. When you're older, you'll notice Daddy wasn't at your first birthday party or in your "learning to walk" pictures. You're tough, though, you can handle it. That's what they say.

One little funny thing that happened yesterday, after dropping Daddy off. The stupid airport is under construction, like every other airport in the world. They had these huge water barriers set up to create a path to the parking garage. There was no ramp dealy anywhere, so we had to step down off a curb. I had been taking you in and out of the stroller all morning long and forgot to buckle you. I almost had a heart attack as you started to slide forward. "Simon! Grab him!" I said, trying to get around to the front of the stroller in time. Another man came running, trying to help just as you slid right past the snack tray smack into the concrete path, landing on your diapered hiney. You didn't hit any part of you on the stroller or the road. You kinda whimpered and then laughed. I chalked it up to Incident One of our adventure.

Anyways, here's to your first 2/3's, Kid. I love you so stinkin' much.


Jude said...

cannot wait to snuggle that little one! :)

Corey said...

awe! happy 9 months Mr T :)

hippo chick said...

Am I going to cry at every post while Sean's deployed?

~hippo hugs~

Cheryl Wray said...

This was such a wonderful post. So sweet!

Brown English Muffin said...

Sorry I had to pass it on to someone!!!

Ok now I'm going back to read the actual post...I just didn't want to forget to post the link.

Brown English Muffin said...

why must you make me cry....why? I don't do that to you!!!! LOL

I can't believe he'll miss his 1st you're right he'll be tougher for it!!!

beth said...

oh mr. are growing up way too fast.
can't wait to give you a big hug...and some to your mama and brothers.