Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my sister

I feel sorry for girls that don't have sisters. It really is a very important relationship.

Sisters are the only people in the whole wide world that love your kids as much as you. Sisters are the only ones who can quote Bible verses while threatening to kick someone's tail on your behalf in the same sentence and have it be perfectly acceptable. Sisters reassure you that your hair looks awesome, even if you haven't had a shower in two days. Sisters wash your dishes and do your laundry for you, even if it is the most detestable job in their opinion.
Sisters do touristy things like take silly posed pictures. Sisters help put air in your tires in 40 degree weather in the pouring rain, insisting you sit in the dry, warm car and tell them the pressure read out instead of getting soaked yourself{**sidenote: we were both drenched by the end of this little episode}.
Sisters attempt to help you control your aggravating children on the River Walk.

Sisters do things like worry about you your entire childhood, throughout your teenage years and well into your adulthood. Sisters give advice about husbands and kids and houses and moves and all the little stuff in between. Sisters are the only people you can really truly do the snot-nasty cry in front of and not be embarrassed.

Sisters don't play favorites with your equally aggravating children.

Sisters are those women that have laugh lines. Deep, uncontrollable laugh lines.

Sisters are the ones that feel guilt when they can't hold your hand on those really bad days. The guilt is there, too, when they miss the little milestones with your kiddos.

Sisters don't just forgive when you're sh***y, they forget. There are times I haven't treated my sister like I should. Times I've taken her for granted or avoided situations because I didn't know what to say. There are hugs I haven't given or emotions I have withheld.

There have been circumstances in my sister's life, I'm sure, when I haven't been there when she really needed me.

But she was. My big sister was here. She was with me this weekend. She put her life on hold to be with me in a time I needed her. I will forever be grateful.

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