Tuesday, January 19, 2010

one week

I can't believe it's already been one week. If the next 25 or so could pass this quickly, we'll be okay. I've been sitting on these pics. I needed to post 'em before I forget the thoughts that go along.

This one broke my heart a little bit. He was sick and tired and whining to boot, but I think his overall attitude was just an outward sign of his bitty breaking heart. There were so many soldiers there the day Sean left. Marines, Soldiers, Airmen. It still makes me stop and take a deep breath when I see that many people leaving their families for our sake. They just do it. No complaints. The boys thought the checking of the serial numbers was awesome. The gun case had two locks. You should've seen Simon salivating over all the keys.
We got to go through security with Sean to see him off. I am so glad we got a few more minutes with him. Simon, the photographer took over for a few minutes. I love that kid and his ability to see his subjects. He never says, "Look!" or "Smile!" He must have a good teacher...

fyi: I wasn't crying in this picture. Not much anyways.

Giving Simon one more "man of the house" talk & giving Feefs a kiss. I love that he's trying to get a fistfull of hair. I love their love.

He didn't pick the baby up to say good-bye. I don't think he could. :(

Felix has one more things to say before his Daddy walked away. I'll have to ask Sean what it was.

Watching the plane. He's the one I worry about. He doesn't talk about Sean being gone. He doesn't cry at bedtime like Simon does. I'm hoping it's an "out of sight, out of mind" kinda thing.
Just like that, he was gone.

That was a week ago. He just made it to Afghanistan. I've barely spoken to him, but I know that he's excited to be doing something different.

It sucks that he's gone, but like I tell Simon, we aren't the only ones who had to give up their Daddy for a while. Next time you see a soldier, don't be shy. Thank them. If you see a mama wearing a dogtag around her neck and she seems to be at her whits end with her kids, don't judge. Offer up a smile. Ask her how she's doing and listen when she says, "Not great."

Mostly, though, if you say you're a friend to someone in need, no matter their circumstances, be one. I am so very thankful for my true, genuine circle. You guys mean the world to me. I hope I get a chance to pay it back.

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Jude said...

you have successfully made me bawl this morning. tell your soldier thank you for us. :)