Sunday, January 31, 2010

pro-choice, huh?

There is so much controversy surrounding this ad that NOBODY has even seen! It was tough to even find a clip that was short enough to post on here.

THIS goes to prove that all those stupid feminist groups are not pro-choice, they are pro-abortion.

Apparently, you are only allowed choice if you're a far left liberal. It's not a woman's choice unless she chooses abortion. If you feel differently, then you are a right-wing, uneducated, sexist nutcase.

Thankfully, we still have freedom of speech in this country. All the women's groups speaking out against this ad are only showing themselves to be intolerant of anyone who thinks or speaks differently from them.

Pro-choice? Nope.

*eta: I realized after I posted this that it kinda sounds hypocritical of me to bash the poor-choice people as disagreeing with anyone that feels differently than them. That's exactly what I'm doing. I would apologize for it except for the fact that murder is wrong. Pro-lifers are staunch in that belief. But take a look at the organizations out there that are helping the women who made the wrong choice. It's the Pro-life organizations that help unwed mothers. Monetarily, with food, clothing and shelter. It's the pro-life groups that offer counceling when the women realize they made the wrong choice. Okay, I'm done. Off my soapbox for today.

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Corey said...

wow. i had not seen that clip. I'm just floored. So if you don't CHOOSE abortion then you're automatically wrong? what a crock of sh*t. {excuse me, but that's just how angry that makes me}