Monday, February 08, 2010


I think babysitters are the best invention ever. Teeny bopper entrepreneurs is what they are. Smart little business ladies, capitalizing on desperate mamas. Genius!

I am refreshed.

I plan to be refreshed twice a week.

We were going going going all last week and this one is keyed up to be about the same. I am most looking forward to this evening. It involves dinner and massage therapy. It's gonna be awkward b/c I don't know any other Airmen's wives and the thought of being massaged by a stranger kinda creeps me out a little bit. Not enough to not go, though. I plan to make some friends and relieve some muscle soreness gained by carrying Titus up and down the stadim stairs yesterday at the Rodeo. Oh my goodness, he's heavy.

But he's cute, no? This is the shoulder shrug I get whenever I sneak up on him and ask, "Tiiiiiiiiiitus? Whatcha dooooooooooin'?" He's very good at looking innocent.
He was also quite amused with our little Rockstar. As am I.


Corey said...

aw..I want a babysitter! and massage therapy? Luuuuuucccky!
p.s. how can you stand that shoulder shrug?! OMG that is cute!

Kimberly White said...

Good for you for taking some me time ... you deserve it my friend! And your boys are just soo cute!

Alicia Sawyer said...

The shoulder shrug is ADORABLE!

You deserve any break you can get girl! You should be mommy of the year!


Allison said...

:) Lots of cute. Hope you have a lovely evening! The massage idea kinda creeps me out too. But I'm sure it'll be worth it!

beth said...

seriously titus....too cute.
rock on felix!