Thursday, February 04, 2010


I think people like me are the reason it was invented.

I attempted to hang some shelves yesterday. Sean always makes hanging crap look so easy. Turns out, teetering on a bar stool while trying to hold a shelf up with one hand and a level with the can't screw. Added to that, the level was broken. How does that happen? The stinking bubble was lying.

Long story short, and it was a long story, I got all three shelves up on the wall and level, with only four "practice" holes. The whole thing ended in tears, but it got done. It was one of those wierd moments of missing Sean so badly that I couldn't decide if I wanted to punch a hole in the wall or just fall into a heap on the floor and cry. I did a little of both. It's just instances like that that you realize how much harder things are when you're alone.
This little boy, here...well, he's always mouthy, but he's been kicking it up a notch in the past few weeks. I may have to enroll him in some kind of back talk boot camp or something to bring him back to tolerable. The other day he told me I was annoying him. I was like "Really? You want to talk about annoying? How about the 4,000 times I had to ask you to stop with the fart noises in Target? Or how 'bout the 4,000 times I had to tell you to quit touching your brother? Or how 'bout the 17 times I asked you to put your shoes on so we could leave the house? Or or or..."

There was also a completely false statement made about me sleeping in so I could get my "beauty sleep" that made me want to flip right to boarding schools in the phone book.
This boy, always cracking me up. I am dumbfounded by his antics so often that I have no choice but to laugh. I sent Sean a dvd and he mentioned, "Felix was being really bad in the video." I don't even remember what he's talking about. Yesterday, I came upstairs to find Felix's bowl of nachos dumped into the bathroom sink. I just did the slow blink blink for a second while staring down at this mess of shredded cheese and chopped chicken. What would possess a child to dump food into the bathroom sink? He tried to cover that mess by completely soaking the bathroom floor. He tried to cover that mess with 4 towels and a bathroom rug. I have no idea where I happened to be when all of this was taking place, so don't ask. Sometimes I do shower. Usually I drain the hot water tank. Does anyone really blame me?

He melts my heart though. In the car yesterday, he was staring out the window, zoning out and he said to himself, "I just miss Daddy too much." Before I could get into it, take a peek into his psyche, he snaps to and shouts, "Look at that car! It's mine!" They have this game where they claim all the cool cars driving down the road. It leads to many arguments, complete with shrieking and gnashing of teeth over who claimed which car first. It's fun.

And the littlest yahoo. He crawled around with my phone all morning saying, "Da Da?" I have a picture of Sean on the screen. He squeals and kicks his little legs when he sees Sean. Or ice cream cake. He also said "more" for the first time last night. For ice cream cake.

I realize I have been sounding quite negative over the past couple of posts. This post makes me sound like the worst mother ever, but I type in the tone of barely controlled laughter. These punks are my life. I am so very grateful for their being. They keep me centered and give me a sense of humor. I clench my teeth a lot, especially if we're in public, but I love 'em. I know a lot of this is just growing pains and that my kids aren't the only ones that act like this. A lot of it is ages and stages and a lot is that they can't figure out why their hearts hurt so badly. Things will be better when we're whole again.


Corey said...

sometimes you need a little vent..especially when there aren't a lot of 'grownups' around to talk to. I completely get that. I don't think your posts have been negative, just venting :)
Glad you got the shelves up! what about the chicken wire thing? how did that turn out?

hippo chick said...

If you can't vent a little here, where? For an old chicka like me, I can only say, "Been there, done that!"

~hippo hugs~

Jenny said...'s definitely NOT just your kids...I've got a soon to be 3 year old who's really showing some attitude lately. I'm gonna have my hands full with him and the 5 year old! I'm sure you kid's attitude is exacerbated 1000x since dad's not home...

Jude said...

I am LOL. Not at you, just about you ;)
I mean, the nachos in the sink...
and then the game, and "it's fun". Seriously, I can hear you saying that and I am laughing again!

beth said...

can't wait to be there and hang out with you and the kiddos.
titus may be coming home with me, though. :)

Cheryl Wray said...

I just absolutely love hearing stories of your boys!!

And, btw...your banner is aWESOME. I love the way it keeps track of the dates. So cute!!