Friday, February 19, 2010

they lost him

I don't know that I'll win any Mother of the Year medals for this story, but...

Mr. T has an ear infection. It was diagnosed in all of 2 minutes after waiting 90 for the doctor to see us. That was fun. We had just enough time to drop off his meds before picking up Simon from school. Titus was sleeping hard as we pulled into the school, so I left the two littles in the car. Calm down, people. I was 20 feet away, surrounded by easier to kidnap children{i.e. walking freely, not strapped into a car}. I don't leave my children unattended at places like the mall or gas stations or anything like that.

Anyways, as I was retrieving the big one, a friend offered to let him go home with her while I ran to get T's meds. As Sean would say, I was all over that like a fat woman on a BB. Off he went.

I climbed back into the car, "Alright Feefs, sit tight. We have to go to the pharmacy."
F-"What? Where's Simon?"
I nonchalantly answered, "I dunno. The school lost him."
F-"That stupid school! Why did they lose Simon?!"
me-"I dunno. But we don't really need him anymore do we? All you do is fight with him and you guys are so mean to each other."
F-"We do need him!"
me-"Why? We still have two boys."
F-"I need my best friend! I want THREE BOYS! I LOVE SIMON!!"
Mission accomplished. I told Felix I was only kidding. I felt kinda bad as I saw him start to swipe his arm across his eyes. Okay, not kinda bad, I felt horrible. But at least I know they really do love each other, deep down. Way deep, but it's still there.

I actually had to use the words, "Keep your bodily fluids inside your head!" yesterday after Simon spit on Felix for attempting to write in one of his many notebooks. MMmmm. Nothing says brotherly love like someone else's saliva in your hair.
This boy and his teeth. If I could get Titus to make this face, I could show that their top teeth are growing in at the exact same rate. It's cute. Also, Simon has been much improved in the attitude department lately. Makes for one happy mama. We're finding our groove. It's still tough without Sean, but we're doing okay in this temporary normal.


Corey said...

hee hee!!! at least i'm not the only one that makes stuff up and tells their kids. i think i've had the exact same conversation with Megan. Hope Titus is feeling better. I actually have an ear infection right now and let me tell is SO painful. I can not imagine how much it must hurt little babies! :(

Kimberly White said...

Simon looks so much like Sean!!! So glad you are finding your groove (and that Felix really does love his brother!)

Dettao said...

Makes me smile. Of course, they love each other. I have two ear infections so we should start a club

Melissa said...

you didn't win an award, but you got a chuckle out of me... :)

feel better T. :(

hippo chick said...

I love it.

When Paige went off to Circle Ranch to work when she was 14, I thought Grethen would never get over grieving for her "lost" sister.

~hippo hugs~

Jude said...

I LOVE it. It was not mean, it was a good reminder ;)

beth said...

oh chrissy.
poor felix!