Sunday, February 14, 2010

Where's Simon?

Today was awesome. Sprinkled with bad attitudes and LOTS of chores, but still awesome. We started off the day with a buuuunch a sugar...though, I will admit, that's not highly unusual for my kids. If you've never let your kid eat a cupcake for breakfast, you're either lying or they aren't old enough to climb the counters yet.

A Valentine's Brunch was just what we needed to get in the spirit.

After running some errands, I had plans for all kinds of fun. Then Simon started. The whining doesn't bother me as much as the backtalk. I've mastered the art of tuning out whining. I had plans for Mr. Simon. Granted, I had to think on my feet, today was a lesson learnin' day!

When we got home, I asked them to pick up just 7 and 4 things, repectively. That's it. Find 7 things that didn't belong downstairs and either throw it away or find a home for it. You would think I'd asked for a kidney. Felix did it, no problem. Simon did the floppy feet, whine every step of the way. He got a few more tasks added to his original teeny, tiny chore. I let the mouthiness slide for a bit.

Then we all went outside to play.

The boy had thrown his little Spiderman chair out into the yard two days ago and I told him to retrieve it and place it back on the patio. He did not. I told him again today and got, "UHHHHHH! Why do I have to do everything? You don't do ANYTHING."

Oh no he di-int.

Before I could even reply he started backpedaling, but not nearly as passionately as he should've been as he corrected his statement of pure evil with, "Well, not that much."

I decided to have a lil fun with my eldest today. I decided that he would know by the end of the day just how much I actually do. It took him a while to catch on. I told him all he had to do was aplogize and finish his current task without whining. Let's just say, I have a clean downstairs and all of the toilets are smelling lovely.

Today was a HUGE success in my book. I was giving myself mental back pats all day long. I have found that boy's kryptonite.

Felix had one small punishment. I will admit, they were no where near even in severity, but neither were the crimes. Felix slammed the door one good time over nothing in particular. Even he was confused when I said, "You don't slam doors in MY HOUSE! Get out front, your punishment is pictures."

This one was an accident. A very happy accident.
This still my heart. Just looking at him makes me break out in song.
Oh oh oh oooooooh sweet child of mi-e-i-ine!
I took a bunch of decent, clear pics, but this one is my fave. Snotty nose, tongue hanging out and beautifully gapped, budding toofers. Please don't grow up, Titus. I'm not ready for your beautiful little face to start emitting backtalk.

In the end, I got my apology. In fact, my #1 didn't backtalk me a single time after he cleaned the second toilet.

Some of you have asked about my chicken wire. It's kinda tough to work with. It's sharp and hard to flatten. But it's super fun to hang stuff on! I bought some mini clothes pins tonight to hang pictures with. I also have some stuff printed out to go on the clipboards. The measurements of this piece are 3ftX5ft. I can't wait to see what becomes of it!


nicole said...

oh i hate the back talk...for me too that is the end of the line and pushes every button of mine all at once :)

but yay for clean toilets..i should try that one!

and yay for cute pictures!

Corey said...

oh Jake and I had the same kind of learning weekend! Funny, because I ended up with clean toilets too! these little boys who think their grown....they need the wind knocked out of their sails every now and then!
Loving the chicken wire :) it will look so cute with a bunch of pics hung up on it. I want to get me one of those Instax cameras so i can do something like that and have the pics changed out frequently. Ok so i really just want the camera ;) But displaying them is the bonus!

hippo chick said...

Loved catching up with you. I'm anxious to see the chicken wire as it progresses.

Love, love, love the pictures. Backtalk is soooo annoying.l

~hippo hugs~

beth said...

so can't wait to be there and hang out with all of you.
wish it was tomorrow.

hippo chick said...

Oh Chrissy,

I saw Valentine's Day today and thought of you at then end. I won't give the ending away in case you see it, but you were in my heart.

~hippo hugs~