Monday, March 15, 2010

stairs, friends & lovebirds

That's really all I have to talk about. Oh, and puke. A fluke puke, I'm hoping. Today was like:

Oh crap, what's up with the clocks?
Ooooooh, that's right. Dang.
Titus, no no.
Titus, no.
Whine, whine, whine.-Simon, Simon, Simon
Baby's asleep.
Baby's still asleep.
Titus, NO!
Eat. Eat some more.
Swing for a bit.

The whining is because I wouldn't let him go to a friend's house due to said whining and leftovers{of bad attitude} from yesterday. The "no-nos" are due to Mr. T's new trick: climbing the stairs. He is so cute. He knows he's gonna get called out for it, so he climbs as fast as his little body allows. The problem is that he gets so proud of his accomplishments that he sits on whatever stair he's made it to and waves, causing his heftiness to pull him back down the stairs. Luckily, I've caught him everytime. The genius builders of my house did not allow for child safety. My gate won't fit because of the size of the baseboards/curve of the bottom two stairs.

As I did not leave the house today, save the backyard, the highlight of my day was because of my super sweet friend, Riki. She texted me on the way to p/u her eldest from work. She always texts on her way out, seeing if I need anything. I heart her. I texted: "A frappe is soooo tempting. I should just say no tho huh?" Five minutes later, she texted back: "Come to ur door."
**blurry, but I love it. Post fluke puke.

When I opened my door there was a bird on the ledge above one of my arches. Scared the mess outta me. That Alfred Hitchcock has me wary of all winged creatures. I would not be okay with anything flapping up in my hair or splattering white dookie on any part of me. Anyways, the bird has nothing to do with this part of the story, I just didn't want him flying into my house. I was just wanting to remember what a good friend Riki is. If not for her and the rest of my friends here{you know who you are}, this deployment would be unbearable. These people have changed my life, for real. I need to come up with some amazing thank you presents. Any ideas?

**This picture has nothing to do with the post. I just wanted Sean to be aware of the weeds his lil lady is having to deal with. See the giant one off to the right that is as big as the weedeater? Yes. It's huge. It is growing out of the concrete and was sprayed with Max Strength weed killer a week ago. I do random headcounts on my children when they come out to play because of this dandelion. His stem is as big around as a garden hose.

This is where the bird comes in. I was closing the windows, it was 80 degrees today :) and saw this little bird family at the end of my porch. A fat little mama and daddy bird. They are so cute and have chosen mi casa to start their little bird family. The boys were so excited. Simon said, "I know what kinda birds those are! L-o-v-e-b-i-r-d-s." Maybe so. I guess we'll find out if there was any lovin' going on if baby birds make an appearance.
Ending the post on my positive note. This kid has been a gem since the P.E. Expo. We live about 20 minutes from the airport. Planes are flying over constantly. Every time he notices one, he says, "A plane! Is that plane bringing Daddy home from 'Ghanistan?" Every time.


Corey said...

aw! i love this post. So glad you have such great friends!

Andreas said...

friends are the best.
so thankful we don't have stairs at my house. i would pack up and move out for a few years because i can't childproof anything else in my house or I won't be able to get into anything anymore. I'm already having issues with one of the cabinet locks. i can never open it!

Allison said...

Love love the airplane pic! The super fast I-think-I-can-get-away-with-it baby crawl is the cutest. Haven't seen one in awhile. ;)

beth said...

can't wait to be there and see your world.