Saturday, March 20, 2010

sucker punched

The boys wrestled a good part of the afternoon away. Not bloody nose wrestling, just the typical brotherly type body slamming and head butting around 'til somebody cries. I suppose this email triggered it.

Daddy we love you! more than enething! I hope we get to wresle agian with you!Love,

your Family.

For whatever reason, this email from Simon to Sean popped up on my phone. I love that he signed it from the whole family. :)The boys love to wrestle with their Dad. That ritual of male bonding has baffled me since I was just a kid. I can remember watching my brother and dad wrestle and thinking it looked like so much fun. I couldn't figure out why they wouldn't let me join in. I still try to get in the middle of the rough housing. I usually end up in a tither after getting nailed in the face by one of my children. They really ought to be more careful when wrasslin' a lady...especially their mama.

Thanks again to everybody who has responded to Operation Comfy. Now that I've typed that name more than once, I think someone should've given the Op a more masculine name. Comfy sounds so...fuzzy slippers to me. I am so humbled by the response. I figured they would be lucky to get a couple of fans, but the response has been overwhelming! They may actually get their whole "wish list!"


beth said...

that's awesome
and definitely needs to be made into a layout.

oh, should i bring stuff along to scrap?

Corey said...

how sweet! I'm always amazed at Pete and Jake wrestling too. Megan always tries to get involved too but just ends up laughing and watching in amazement!

Jude said...

why can't we be nieghbors?!?!

nicole said...

been meaning to email you too chrissy...let me know what is still on the wish list and how it all works.

Dettao said...

Give me your address again and I will send you some money to help with postage.

Brown English Muffin said...

Is there a time limit on the operation?

I think the days got shorter I mean way shorter as I have no time to do anything and it stinks!!!

Oh I did have a dream that I emailed the travel adapter company and they sent me boxes of travel adapters so that the men could plug in their American fans in the British outlets!!! LOL

I obviously have time to dream and nothing else! YIKES