Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Ten on Tuesday?

Are they supposed to be short thoughts? I can definitely do ten thoughts, but they probably won't be short. I'll take a stab at it...

1. I don't like being patronized. I also don't like hearing people who have not been there, nor done that say: "It's only six months," or "At least he isn't Army," or "Oh, he's medical? He'll be fine." Reason being, six months is a long time. It stands alone. I'm not stupid, I know one year is longer than six months, but 179 days is still a long time. I don't like it when people act like they know when they just don't. No one can ever truly empathize. That goes for all situations in life. No one is you in your exact situation with your exact struggles and thoughts and weaknesses and sadness...

2. Tomorrow marks day 50. That seems like a chocolate cake kinda milestone.

3. I am really starting to like San Antonio. It has something to do with these amazing people that I used to call neighbors. They've all become friends. The thought of leaving them in 2 or 3 years makes me kinda sad.

4. Throughout the day today, I had five children in my house that were not my own. I wasn't bothered a bit by it. I really like good kids. My two are entertained and fall asleep quickly at the end of the day. Our house has never been the one where everybody congregates{could have something to do with Sean's sunny disposition and the fact that he barks, "WHO IS IT?" every time someone even thinks of coming to our door.}, but I'm starting to like it.

This baby boy might just be the best thing that ever happened to this world. He was talking to his Dada on a Mento's phone. Then he spoke to him on a teddy bear, light up rattle phone. Then a sock phone, a block phone, a tissue box phone, and a veggie puff phone. He looooooooooves talking to his Dada. Unless, of course, Dada is actually on the real phone. Then he clams up.

6. Speaking of Sean, he's having a rough go of it. The Air Force was "technically not invited" to the base they're on. This is the reason they were given as to why they will not receive internet access cards like the US Army, Marines and Navy{on the same base, mind you} has. Also, if the internet is already set up and thousands of people have access cards, what the heck is 25 more people going to matter? They still don't have phones set up for the Americans either. It's kind of ironic, Sean told me the other day that he owes his sanity to a friend he made over there. Just another guy in his tent. They work out together and run missions together. The very next day he wrote back saying they'd split them up. Moved the other guy to nights. I was more sad for Sean when he told me that than over anything else. Poor guy just can't get a break.

7. Yeah, I can't get enough of this guy.
I've been trying to get another good shot of his shoulder shrug. He does it a lot, but I can never seem to catch him doing it! Ms. Lilian was asking him for a candy wrapper and suddenly he puts on this show.

8. I went out by myself tonight. Just for a few hours. I can't believe how much I got done! I went to Marshalls and got some washcloths and an outfit for Titamook. I went to Michael's searching for a bracelet clasp. Ross for a giant ceramic pot that will hopefully keep T from digging in my potting soil. After that, I grabbed a Starbucks and even lingered long enough to eat the whipped cream off the top before partaking in the liquids. Hobby Lobby, again looking for a clasp. I spent some time on the yarn aisle as I am determined to figure out Granny Squares before my mom leaves. And then Target, where I got a buggy full of stuff to send Sean. To top it off, I did it all in heels and with a potty break where I didn't have to swat anyone's hand away from the lock OR get stern for peeking under the stalls.

9. Starbucks has the best smelling bathroom soap. Oh, um, and the lesbian barista who I actually thought was a man until she spoke, totally checked me out. Should I be flattered? I'm totally guessing about the lesbian part. Maybe she's straight and just appreciates a good lookin' woman when she sees one. Ha ha, joking. Though I was lookin' kinda fancy in my aforementioned heels and new sweater.

10. Last one! I told ya, I can't get enough of this boy. This picture gives me just a peek into my future. I think he's got a bit of that Felix nature in him. This was taken right after the one with Lilian asking him for the candy wrapper. He held it out like he was giving it to her and before she could finish her, "Thank you!" he tugged his hand back.  I swear he's looking at her like, "What are you gonna do about it?"
That was fun! Maybe I can do this 10 on Tuesdays thing.


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Lincoln said...

love those pics of t-man. I am a bad blog reader, and have a multitude of your posts to catch up on! Sorry!!

beth said...

1. :)
2. maybe...cheesecake factory!
3. can't wait to be there.
4. that's awesome. yay for more kids that help entertain your kids.
5. too cute.
6. still praying.
7. can't wait to be there.
8. yay! sorry i missed your call.
9. not sure what to say. :)
10. can't wait to be there.

do you see a theme? :)

Corey said...

i enjoyed doing 10 on Tuesday too :) Love your list...#1 seriously no one knows. you are right. if it's 5 days or 175 it's different for everyone. I can't believe some of things people say.
YaY for going out on your own, how fun!
Loving the pics of T..I think he just keeps getting cuter!

Brown English Muffin said...

ok so back to this internet access card why can't they have one? Because they weren't invited? Is this grade school or military we're talking about here...I'm getting the two slightly confused.