Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1: We're almost 1/3 way through this junk. I think most of you know what I mean by junk. I really have no other words about that today.

2: She leaves tomorrow. That makes me sad. I'm wondering how the kids are gonna take her absence. Titus has grown quite fond. He was giving her air kisses tonight. It was awesome. Oh, a funny thing I don't want to forget: she totally told off this chick at the gas station the other day. The lady was bugging her for money. She went barking up the wrong tree. My mom says to her, "I'm here for one reason only, to get gas." The lady just looked at her for a sec and then wandered off to beg from someone else. You don't mess with my Ma. She works for the gov't. She knows just how many handouts there are available. You want money from her, you take it via her tax dollars, not her pocketbook. You go, girl.

3: I don't like bracelets, yet I wear three every day. One for Sean, one for Ernie and one that Sean made me out of boot laces that the H's{Lisa, only you know what H stands for. I'm not positive it's an acceptable/politically correct slang...} were selling at the laundry mat.

4: There was a little girl with downs at the park today. She was the most precious child ever. So happy and carefree. I was in the car with a sleeping Titus and all I could say as tears were bubbling up was, "Thank you God, thank you thank you thank you. For my healthy boys." I take them for granted every single day. God gave me that moment because he knew what this evening would bring...

5: We got the best bubbles as a birthday party souvenier. Grandma was surrounded by little kids at the park. What is it about bubbles that can turn anybody into a kid again? I didn't think taking pictures from the car would be a great idea.

6: It's time for shorts! I've noticed something about Texans. As soon as it hits 60 degrees, they pull out fur coats and Uggs. As soon as it gets back up to 70, it's booty shorts and high heeled sandals. Go figure. You can't even see his shorts in this picture, but it's too cute not to post.
7: The aforementioned attack of Satan: Simon had this P.E. expo thing that he was selected for. It was at a giant sports complex that is shared by all the schools in the district. It's huuuuuuuuuuuge. My first instinct was to not take the two littles and just sit in the stands and cheer him on. At the last minute, I gave Felix the choice to go with me or stay with Grandma. Rookie mistake. He heard gym and I guess he thought he got to participate. I suppose there needs to be one occurrence that you can pinpoint as the absolute worst day of your child's life as far as behavior goes. It was ridiculous. HE was ridiculous. In his defense, the show was 30 minutes late starting and we had to sit through two performances by each grade K-6. Never again. He got tv taken away for today. And any form of sweet, the swingset, playdoh, legos, playing with Paul & Grant and anything else I could possibly think of at the time. There were two soldiers sitting nearby, that usually does the trick. At one point, I took him out of the bleachers and went and stood by a cop doing security detail. Even that didn't work. My sanity was hanging by a very thin thread that had been doused in gasoline and lit from the bottom.

8: I got a Library card. Next time I go, I plan to check out books on birth order. Any advice on disciplining a hard headed child that seems to be immune to any and all forms? The only thing that did ruffle his feathers was getting Simon a Happy Meal after the Expo and not him. After we had a loooooooong talk and he was showered and in his pjs, I had a tiny bit of mercy on him and shared my fries and nuggets with him. But he absolutely didn't get a Happy Meal toy. Follw through is my middle name, lemme tell ya.

9: Emails from Sean are my favorite part of every other-every three days. It's pretty much our only form of communication, save a few middle of the night, infrequent, likely to be disconnected phone calls.

10: I saw a baby shirt with Che Guevara on it at TJ Maxx the other day. Un-freakin' believable. Other than that murderous dictators mug on it, it was a really cool shirt.

**I realize it's Wednesday, but it took me this long to compile this list. It shall be posted, regardless of the day. :)


beth said...

happy wednesday. see you in two. :)

Corey said...

seems like Texans are a lot like Californian's. Once the sun comes out and warms up just a bit we're all about tank tops and flip flops! We might get to that stage next week. it's been coooooooolllld here the last few days :(

Allison said...

Your mom = my hero. :) Middle child advice? Ugg.... I have nothing to offer. I've been thinking about checking out a birth order book as well. There's definitely something to that. I don't think I know of a middle child that's not... difficult. Not sure what to do about that. :( Che Guevara baby shirt... unreal.

nicole said...

funny. around here below 30 is uggs and coats - above shorts and flip flops.
aren't moms the best!
yay for the library card.
and i'm with you on follow through :) totally what i would have done too.