Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ten on Tuesday!

Considering it's Monday night and I have 10 things to talk about, this may actually make it to POST this week.

1. a trip to BAMC: The two wees and I had to run over to BAMC today to get the audiologist to re-submit a referral to the ENT. Simon is talking really loudly all of the sudden and the time has definitely come to address the fluid on his ears. BAMC is under major construction right now. In fact, Sean will be moving over when he gets back, or shortly thereafter. I tend to forget the things I should anticipate seeing when I get to BAMC. My mind focusses on the fact that there is NO WHERE to park. I ended up in a grass lot, forever and a mile away from the hospital.

I should've been thanking God with every single step of that mile that I can walk.

It hit me like a ton of bricks today. I saw the lady pushing her son in a wheelchair. My mind blocked that out. I saw a few soldiers with steel legs, again, I was able to push past that. It was when I was almost to the elevators that I saw him. It was the severity of his amputation. He barely had a waist. I thought he was an old Vet because he had his head down. When he looked up, our eyes met and I didn't want him to see pity. He was just a kid. He couldn't have even been 20.

When more Army boys have amputations than not in one place, you can't help but notice. You can't NOT be thankful. They give everything for our freedoms. Sean just had a guy that lost all four limbs. He was just a kid. He hasn't even begun his life and he's given everything. It infuriates me that at the same time, their "boss" is doing everything he can to take the freedoms they are fighting for away. I have to move on or this post will never end.

2. Grandma's quilt: As if I wasn't already emotional enough over the start of my day, I got home to a package on my doorstep. My Grandma was my very first penpal and we still write back and forth pretty frequently. I should do better...Anyways, she's all excited about my new love of quilting. She's been sending me patterns and advice and today she sent me an old quilt of hers. It's pretty tattered, but I remember it always being in the back of her car. For the dog, I think. Larry is a whole 'nother story. Anyways, I wasn't really sure why she sent it to me. Then I read her letter. Apparently, she brought that quilt with her when she came to visit us in England. I was Felix's age. I insisted on sleeping with it every night that they were there. I was so touched that she would remember that after all these years. It can't be easy remembering little details about individual grandkids when you have 17 of them+13 great grands.

3. Iran/Israel: Stealing from my FB status here. I consider myself to be pretty "in the know" when it comes to all things political/current events. I won't even get into the stupid healthcare debate. This issue, though, it bothers me. Why is everybody always picking on Israel? What does their announcing the decision to build settlement camps for Jews have to do with us? Why would that "outrage" Hillary Clinton? I honestly do not understand why this would cause us to snub an allie in front of the world. Baffling. Is it anti-Semitism? Were we planning on using that land that does not belong to us? Is it that we want to look like Iran's friend? Yeah, Iran. The one's building Nukes. The ones we said we'd put sanctions on if they didn't stop. Oooooh. Not sanctions! It's like our administration is shrugging their shoulders over the threat{over a furture possibility} of nuclear WAR, but dropping the hammer on government housing for Jews. What is that about? I really would like to know. If anyone has a clue, please share.

4: I love having friends with cameras: I also love Pioneer Woman's FREE actions. I used the TexasChicks instructions for loading them into PS. Not nearly as confusing as it first seemed.

5: Easter: We've been invited to three linners{lunch/dinner}+egg hunts. It's good to have friends.

6: Umm. Hm. "Can you remember what Titus looked like when he was first born? And then how he looks now? He got big fast. How does God just make babies appear in your belly? Because you didn't have a baby and then you did. Is it like a tree? Do babies start like a seed?" For seven, he kinda has it more figured out than he knows. It was a funny conversation that I tried my best to explain in seven year old terms.

7: "sexting": While I'm on the subject...Simon now knows what sexting is, thanks to a preacher of all things. He was talking about how teenagers don't think through their actions as thoroughly as they should and luckily, my seven year old got to hear very vivid examples.

8: self feeding: Titus has entered a whole new world. He can now feed himself. Finally. His little pincer grasp, aiming for his lil mouth has to be the cutest thing ever. He's also figured out that he can be picky. He likes to spit food out slowly, for dramatic effect and let it dribble down his face.

9: this post is a little Simon-heavy,  but he had a dream about his crush hugging him. It was so precious and heartbreaking. He was all nonchalant telling me how, "and then Julia just came up to me and hugged me and squeezed me really hard for no reason. Then she just walked away. Then her mom hung her whole body out the window and waved at me. I don't know why I had that dream." He was all joe cool and shrugging like it was no big deal. I know, baby boy. Just like his mama, he is always crushing on the one person who has no interest in a relationship. I got lucky with Sean. He'll get lucky one day, too. It's just tough in the meantime.

10: Skype: If no one has died since 10pm last night and if everybody can stay alive until 10:30 this morning, I may get to talk to Sean via Skype. I'm not getting my hopes up, but it sure would be nice to see his mug for the first time in...ah, 11 weeks today.

One more picture, just because I love them:
and, Beth, the stains totally came out of his pants. Nothing like grinding some Alamo dirt into brand new Polo pants.


Corey said...

1. I can not even imagine. wow.
2. how sweet!
3. i do not get it either
4. LOVE that photo!! I haven't dowloaded the actions yet. i need to. awesome!
5. are you going to all three? we have zero plans. ugh
6. it's amazing what they can come up with all on their own isn't it?
7. sexting? for reals? nice. sometimes you think maybe they should be 10 before they come out of the nursery and into the sanctuary. then again...at least he was listening? bright side, no?
8. such a cute stage!
9. awe!
10 I hope you get to!!

Melissa said...

i want a friend with a camera to come visit me....

Love the pictures :) And I still remember when I got a text message when Titus was born. Wow, it's been a year. Can't believe it.

Melissa said...

i want a friend with a camera to come visit me....

Love the pictures :) And I still remember when I got a text message when Titus was born. Wow, it's been a year. Can't believe it.

nikih said...

That picture is AWESOME! I want my sister with a camera to visit me!

beth said...

yay for the alamo!
yay for clean polo pants.

wish i was still there so we could take lots more.