Saturday, March 13, 2010

well then!

my 900th post and a certain 2 month milestone
and, the most important:

He's eleven months old today. That blows my mind.

He's a brilliant, brilliant boy. I'm not just saying that because I'm his mom. I readily admit he does certain things that the other two did not at this age and vice versa. He figures things out really quickly. Toys, people, cause and effect. He mimics sounds to the extent that it makes me worry he'll grow up to be Rain Man.

Last night, for example, Felix leaned into the bathtub where T was currently bubble bathing and farted. Before he could finish giggling, Titus was making fart noises with his mouth. It was hilarious. Guess you had to be there.

He can stack blocks and wave. He says: hey, hiya, mama, dada, Ga-ma, Simon, ball, that, uh-oh and has a certain sound for Felix that I can't really put into letters. I think he says: yep and more.

He has entered the phase of the high pitched scream. Felix skipped that stage. Simon thrived in that stage. He only screams when he wants more of something or is bothered by something you're doing. He also screams if he's excited, but it's not as shrill. I tried to teach him the sign for more. Ha ha, it ain't happening. You see, he's also learned how to be a mule. He pushes people away if they are in his way or not doing what he wants them to do. For example, if he's banging out a song on the keyboard and someone else tries to touch a key, even if it's waaaaaaaay on the other end of the keyboard, he lets out a shrill squeak and pushes their hand off the keys. He shrieks, positively goes banshee, if he sees Felix in his Cozy Coupe. And also if he sees ice cream sandwiches.

Lucky for me, Felix now realizes that he can tick Titus off. A ticked of Titus is so cute. Felix purposely antagonizes him now. That's a fun game.

What else? He loves the bathroom. I have no idea what that's about. I have really clean bathrooms b/c of his obsession, but still...blech. He's cruising, big time. He let go for the first time{that I've seen} earlier today. I actually caught a picture of it:

He is very flirty and loves waving at people randomly. He doesn't do the open/close fist wave, either. He does the entire arm flapping up and down wave. I love it. He has the greatest pout ever. He gives kisses that make me drop whatever I'm doing at any given moment to rush over to receive.

His sleeping completely through the night is still miss more than hit. Naptimes have gotten a LOT easier. I let him "cry it out" when my mom was here. It only took a few minutes on two separate occassions and he just got it. If my mom hadn't reassured me, I never would've done it. Lo and behold, he's a breeze to put down for naps now. He whimpers until I'm out of sight and then he just babbles til he falls asleep. I certainly wish I had been more determined with the cry it out thing say...11 months ago. He still hates socks. He still loves baths. He's getting quite independent and even more stubborn. GREAT combo. Even so, he still my cuddliest baby. He makes me want to have 10 more babies. Luckily, his brothers squash that thought before it has a chance to even pretend to be reasonable.

Tonight he went to Parents Night Out. We rode home with our friends who have four boys{only two were with us, though}. Five boys in one car is a. incredibly loud b. smelly as all get out and 3. the best birth control eva{having a husband a million miles away is also pretty good BC, just FYI}. However, Titus is completely in love with those two brown haired boys and he did the cracking up, hyperventilating squeal he was laughing so hard. That makes it worth every decibel.

I love having boys. Party planning mode is a go. This boys first birthday is gonna be amazing. Aside from the missing daddy, of course, that part sucks.


beth said...

oh t. you are too cute.
can't wait to give you big hugs again. yay for being able to see you two times before you turn one.

hope your friday night went well and you had fun.

talk with you soon.

nicole said...

oh my goodness that titus is a cute the shot of the crinkled up nose so cute!!!
and congrats on the other two milestones as well!

Kimberly White said...

11 months! What a cutie!