Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. 15 weeks down. Ba-dow. That's 105 days. Way back in the beginning, I remember thinking, "Once we reach a hundred days, time will fly." I was wrong. Time went faster in the beginning.

2. I had a lil meltdown the other day. It was over the stinkin' weedeater. Again. I think the last time I had a breakdown was over the stupid weedeater. Two breakdowns in 15 weeks isn't bad, right? I couldn't get the stupid spool to stay in the casing. I fought and fought with it. I would think I had it just right and it would unwind again. On the third battle, 20 minutes into the war, the thing whipped me in the leg at however many mph a weedeater cord flies. I grunted some not so feminine words. I picked the thing up over my head and slammed it down into the pile of rocks I'd been digging up from around the dead lemon trees. It was a big pile of very big rocks. Thinking back on it, I was rather embarrassed at my behavior. I was sincerely hoping none of my neighbors were peeking through the fence on that particular day.

3. Yesterday, my neighbor came over and mowed my lawn. :) He weeded the backyard and everything. He used his lawn equipment. I baked him cookies. He probably thinks I'm bi-polar.

4. I made two skirts yesterday. One for a friend, one for me. I love them. I plan to make a thousand of them and wear a skirt every single day. The aforementioned friend and I went to the fabric shop today. I bought a looooooooot of fabric.

5. I got some material for another friend to make her a thank you gift. She sends me and the boys a box at least once a month, if not twice. I don't know how to thank someone properly for such genuine thoughtfulness. It's not the packages that humble me, it's the thought behind them. And her cards of encouragement. We plan to get together when we're back on the East coast. I haven't seen her since I was four. We only reconnected through Facebook right around the time Sean deployed.

6. Simon's calendar. In 105 days, he has not forgotten to X a single date.

7. Titus' new word of the week is "DOH!" He says it like a pre-pubescent Homer Simpson, all high pitched. It cracks us all up. He has also figured out how to get himself back downstairs. Up the stairs, down the stairs all day long.
Well, that's fun. Blogger actually had a good thing going with their picture upload system and they've gone and jacked it all up again.

8. Felix is as insistent that she's called the "Statue of Delivery," about as much as Simon is about guacamole being "whac-a-mole."

9. I've been scrapbooking lately, in between sewing gigs. It's been fun. I quite like being crafty. Somebody asked Sean a while back what I do. He mentioned the sewing and scrapbooking and all things crafty and she said, "That's the sign of a content and happy wife." I agree.

10. I am really looking forward to May. I want to just go on ahead and get to the end of it. I'm not too excited about celebrating our anniversary alone, but it will just make next year{when Sean takes my to NYC or Hawaii with no kids, hint hint} that much sweeter. Speaking of super hot men who take their wives on vacations with no kids:
Pretty similar to the last one I posted, but I have very few pictures to choose from. He promises a flash drive, full of pictures, is coming in my next box.  


Christine said...

You have no idea how much I enjoy reading your blog. Along with being great at sewing and a phenominal scrapbooker, you have a definite gift when it comes to expressing yourself with written words.

Corey said...

I love your skirt! too cute! i haven't attempted sewing clothes since I was in high school. had to laugh at the weed eater thing. LOL! oh girl i can relate. after living here for 4 years and dealing with the crazy neighbors we finally paid someone to mow our lawn last week. it was like the heavens opened up and angels were singing. how had we never done this before? at least you have a great neighbor willing to help you out!

Brown English Muffin said...

I am totally and utterly jealous of your skirt I'll have you know!!! (All in a good way of course!)

I just had the most random thought...I thought at least Chrissy knows all her boys will be super handsome when they get older!!! (Not that they aren't now but you know what I mean!) LOL

Kimberly White said...

Fabulous skirt Chrissy! Hoping the time goes faster for you so you see that habdsome husband soon!

hippo chick said...

Love, love, love the skirt. You are such a talented sweetie.

Watch the mail.

~hippo hugs~

nicole said...

1. you will get there! but yay for making it this far!!
2. meltdowns are good once in a while - i could so see myself doing the same thing in that situation
3. nice neighbors are the best
4. love it!!
5. that is awesome!
6. that breaks my heart.
7. man he is cute.
8. love those types of things..need to remember to write some down from around here too.
9. peaked at them on fb...love them.
10. great way to look at it.

beth said...

good stuff!
congrats on making it through your skirt creating...it just gets easier the more you do.

Jude said...

oh my word, the skirt is awesome. I love it.
the calendar... that about did me in, how sweet that he never forgets a date!
I have no clue what blogger has done to photo thing, but i can no longer even drag them to a certain spot... grrrr.
so so so sad i can't come next weekend, but i know you understand, and thanks for that :)
PS my word verification is "fatups"... i think that is a tad insulting... !