Wednesday, April 21, 2010

10 on Wednesday

1. I've come to realize that the only reason I push the "YES" button when the gas pump asks if I want a receipt, is simply because I want to feel like I got more for my money.

2. In one day, my kid ate a small piece of sidewalk chalk, a small piece of lunchmeat ham that he found WHO knows where, and a piece of coleslaw off the trashcan lid. If he doesn't end up with botchulism soon, I will be surprised. Hearing Felix say, "OOOOOOOH Mommy! Titus just ate a piece of lettuce out of the trashcan!" sent me into a fit. Luckily, I had just clorox wiped the trashcan lid and the coleslaw had just come out of the fridge. But still...yuck.

3. Tomorrow makes 100 days without Sean.

4. I spent a large portion of my day yesterday digging up a tree. There are 3 completely dead lemon trees in my backyard that didn't survive the last hard freeze. For a tree that is no taller than Simon, it sure did put up a good fight. I still have two more to go.

5. While on the topic, our yard is full of rocks. I don't mean a few here and there, I mean it's like a rock quarry. There happen to be rock quarries all around us, which makes sense. I don't know how any grass manages to grow. Digging up my one small lemon tree, I filled an entire recycling bin with rocks. It's just nuts.

6. These pictures make me happy.

7. Simon has a "holiday" on Friday for a parade downtown. They go to school on Veteran's Day and other such holidays, but by all means, lets give them the Battle of the Flowers parade day off. It's a parade, only in San Antonio. I really don't think it's enough to justify a school holiday, but I'm beginning to see why my kid is in school until JUNE.

8. Fatty hit a growth spurt this week. He's starting to bump his head on things that he cleared last week. I swear, last night he went to bed with chubby cheeks and this morning they're gone.

9. He's also not taking to kindly too the word "no." He either smiles and continues or drops his head completely down and crawls away with his bottom lip poked out. It really is cute either way. Unless I'm saying no about pulling my hair or eating out of the trashcan.

10. Felix has lost his rubberband for his rubberband gun and has decided it's an emergency. With that, I am off!


Corey said...

good list! i think all us moms have been there once or twice with the total eeeww factor of what our kids may have put in their mouths!

beth said...

1. and in case they think you didn't pay.
2. t. no!
3. that's a 100 closer to seeing him again.
4. nice work mama bear.
5. that's gotta be comfy on t's knees when he's crawling or on barefeet.
6. me too. i like those kids. and you. :)
7. june is nothing. i always got out in june.
8. he'll always be your baby.
9. oh t.
10. did you find it?