Wednesday, April 21, 2010

100 days

Since you've been gone, I've learned...

*things could be a lot worse,
*that I can build anything, so long as it has step by step instructions,
*the bedtime ritual is at least 98% more difficult without you here,
*your children can be straight up evil,
*your children can also step up to the plate and act years beyond their age,
*just how freakin' long a day/week/month can seem,
*time flies when you're busy,
*the more kids in an establishment, the more stressed I will be,
*compared to most, our kids are gems,
*Simon and Felix only get along about 15% of the time,
*there is never a convenient time to go to the Post Office{this is true whether you're here or not, but it still makes the list},
*driving 100% of the time: sucks,
*to always appreciate being the passenger,
*laughing is better than crying,
*radio induced crying is okay...every once in a while,
*change the station if a love song should happen to come on,
*cooking is not nearly as fun when there's no one to appreciate it,
*kid food won't cause long term damage if only ingested for six months,
*making carrots with any form of kid food makes me feel less like I'm killing my children,
*it's okay to eat a panini five nights in a row, so long as you mix up the ingredients,
*for being minus one adult, there is still a whole lotta laundry in this here house,
*same goes for dishes,
*yelling at your kids in public is sometimes necessary,
*driving at night really isn't an option,
*babysitters are worth their weight in gold,
*I don't have as much me time as I thought I would,
*sleep is more important that me time, though not every night,
*it is virtually impossible to have a telephone conversation before 7pm,
*without my friends, I'd be {more of} a basketcase by now,
*my stern voice has grown sterner,
*even so, I still have to repeat myself at least three times before anyone pays attention to the fact that Mama is talkin',
*yard work is crap,
*single parents have a raw deal,
*I can't lift the dining room table alone,
*grilling out is still fun, if even just for one piece of chicken,
*that it's the little things that tend to overwhelm me
*I can tell when Simon is thinking about you, just by the look on his face,
*Titus is heavier than ever with no one to help share the load,
*Felix internalizes things more than I ever thought,
*holidays are no fun without you,
*family bike rides are a no-go without a wingman,
*I won't want to let you out of my sight when you get home,
*when I'm over that, I really need a solo vacation,
*we need to get back into day-trippin',
*to really appreciate that you share in drop off/pick up duty to and from school,
*being on Base makes me feel closer to you,
*I care a lot less what others think of me,
*I care a lot more what you think of me,
*I want, more than anything, your pride,
*my heart was already pretty fond.

eta: The assignment was to write a thank you note with a greeting, the date and a closing.


hippo chick said...

I love this.

~hippo hugs~

Anonymous said...

Precious Simon! Such a big boy in a little body.

beth said...

yay for the solo trip... :)

and this list would make an awesome layout or minibook.

love s's letter.
and the underlining.