Thursday, April 08, 2010

Crabby Fatty #2

I just found a couple of Felix's old outfits in the garage. This was one of my all time favorite shirts of his. I can't believe his baby brother is in it already. The first picture is Feefs, the second, Teetus. Another lil sidenote: the reason I chose 5 letter names for my kids is so they couldn't be made into nicknames. Funny that the only time I use their given name is when they're in trouble.

I started this post last night when I was in a really good mood. Now I'm in a bit of a funk. I just have this wierd sense of sadness hanging over me. Every single day lately, I've heard stories about sick people. Really sick people, my age, with little kids. I just wonder, does anyone ever think, "That could happen to me."

I need to take the kids to the Zoo or the Circus or somewhere happy. I pray every day for mercy. I pray that I'll be able to watch my kids grow up and have a chance to spoil my granddaughters, when they come. I want to high five Sean as each little birdy flies from our nest. I want to change the locks with him so they can't come back and live in our basement. I want to go on cruises and European backpacking tours with him. We'll be able to do that, y'know. We started young. :) Moving on.

It's a beautiful day out and I just bought Cheerios for $.89/box. That makes for happy times as far as I'm concerned. I'm gonna spend the day flittering about with those aforementioned birdies. For tomorrow we die have a sitter and get to engage in conversation with another adultX4hours! Good stuff, good stuff.

A few more pictures of my eleven month old. I am hanging on to these last four days of pre-one year oldness.

I love those dirty little feet. People say it like a question, "He's still not walking?" and I respond with an exclamation{and broad grin}, "He's still not walking!" Every time the front door opens, he bolts. Is there anything as exuberant as a crawling baby trying to get somewhere quickly? I can't get over his grass stained knees, feet combo.

Or his fat little arms. He was watching a neighbor mow their lawn and he waved and waved and waved and the guy never noticed my little garden gnome.

I don't have any fresh pictures of the "one who hears." Ironic that that is exactly what Simon means. Yesterday was the second time he had tubes put in. The first time he was still too little to be amazed. Yesterday, though, it was all about, "Wow. The 4-wheeler is really loud!" and other such statements. Poor kid. I wonder what everything sounded like before and for how long?

I'm rambling.


Corey said...

Have we really known each other that long for me to remember Felix wearing that shirt? I guess it has been 3 years since Seattle. Crazyness. I'm glad everything went well with Simon's ears!

hippo chick said...

Ramble on, dear girl. Ramble on.

~hippo hugs~

nikih said...

I never realized how much Titus does look like Felix until I saw that picture.

We never do now what tomorrow will bring...maybe Jesus will come get us and we won't have to worry about all that stuff! But lately, I have realized with all of the sudden illnesses here that we better cherish today as we don't know what we will have tomorrow.

beth said...

your boys are cute.
love that you wrote teetus. soon we can sing him that song.