Thursday, April 22, 2010

it happened,

I got old.

A little snippet from a conversation with my babysitter while driving her home:

"Well, you know, Kirk Cameron."-me
"From 'Growing Pains.'"-me, said with the assurance that she would totally get who I was talking about.
"Hunh-uh. Growing Pains? I don't know who that is."-Cassie

doing the slow blink, "Um. Hm. OOOOH MAAAAAAAAAAN! It was before your time!!!!!!!!!"

I am usually the one on the receiving end of that conversation. HOW could anyone NOT know who Kirk Cameron is. Has it really come to this? Is he the Donny Osmond of the 90's? I am seriously baffled. I've been laughing it off when people call me "Mrs." or respond with a "ma'am." I guess it's official, though.

I'm old, dang it and that. ain't. hot.
A picture, so I don't leave you pictureless. At least I'm still young enough to crawl around after a slug taking pictures. Although, I was in my bathrobe on the front porch, down on my hands and knees, following a slug around for 15 minutes...showing not a hint of shame. Is that an old people thing?

I love his slime trail.

He was dead the next day. All crusted up. He probably got old and withered away while all the young slugs rolled their eyes at his geratric ramblings about the stars of yesteryear.


Anonymous said...

I know, when did that happen??? I first realized it when I saw Ferris Beuler playing on one of those "classic" oldie movie channels. If it's any consolation, I totally get who Kirk Cameron is. lol. But, I guess that just means we're both old.

It's funny though because in my head I'm still 20 or so. I'll still catch myself thinking that 30 sounds old. Then I have to remind myself that I'm almost there!

Christine said...

You were trying to tell her about Kirk and Ray Comfort, weren't you!? Haha. You are not old, me and Niki are. :-)

But I do hate to say that crawling around the front porch in your robe with no shame does sound like something an old person would do!

Allison said...

Hahahahaha! Silly slug. ;) I REALLY noticed that this summer when the kids were here. Chris and I kept quoting 'classic' movies and they had no clue. So at Christmas, I 'forced' them to watch all 3 Back to the Future movies. And Top Gun, minus a few scenes. And I sent The Goonies home with them. Ha! One of my good friends is a professor and he says the students don't get 90% of his references. And I'm like... didn't we JUST graduate? Crazy.

hippo chick said...

Honey, you don't know "old". When I think that your mom is younger than me, I think "OLD".

~hippo hugs~

Given that, I'm honored to be one of your blog buddies.

Corey said...

lol it's awful isn't it? i heard bon jovi and u2 on the 'classic rock' station the other day and i'm like 'since when is u2 classic??' it's just not right.

beth said...

Now you know how i feel when i talk about stuff you don't know about. :)
slug. no. thank. you.

Jude said...

ha, micah put something on a picture about me still liking him after 18 years... tow of my friends were like, "Um, we were 9 when you met." can he not remember to LIE?!?!?