Saturday, April 17, 2010

made my day

I should have blogged out pity parties more often.


To get you and Mom on the same flight out of San Antonio, I had to book with Delta. Mom will come in on Wednesday and you all will leave San Antonio on Friday. Sorry, but there is a 2-3 hr delay in Atlanta with Mom, but on your way home you'll only wait 1 1/2 hours there.

$___ per seat (3 seats). (Don't worry, you're worth it.)

I deleted pertinent info, just in case any of you are wierdos. Really, it's just the last line that is important. I love that I'm worth it. I told him I'd just stay here if I had to fly with my children. Because that ain't worth it. Nothing in this world is worth flying with three children, alone. Unless, of course, Sean is waiting at the gate on the other end. Or a pot of gold.

I'm excited. Simon will be missing the last four days of school, but he hasn't reached his limit yet, so that's okay. I get to go to my highschool reunion! I'm probably more excited about that than I should be. I'm wondering how many of the 32 will show up. None of us really have to wonder about our classmates thanks to Facebook, but I'm still hoping for a good turnout.

I do so hope someone in Flotown has some car seats I can borrow. I really don't want to have to lug carseats to and fro and back again. In case any one is reading, I need 2 boosters and a forward facing with chest straps. :)

I'm also hoping some of my friends will allow me to host a party. My goal is to save enough money before Sean gets back to take a vacation with my money. If you're interested, let me know sooner rather than later so I can get stuff ordered! Parties are such a fun excuse to need a babysitter! Plus, it's a chance to see a whole bunch of people that I never get to see, all at once.

I'm all about the babysitters lately. Today, I left Titus with a new sitter so I could take the bigs to see How to Train a Dragon with some friends. It was sold out, so we went bowling instead. Good times, good times. There was a family next to us with their names displayed as MOM and DAD. Cute. We used to bowl a lot in Phoenix, maybe we'll take that up again. There is nothing in this world quite so entertaining as watching a four year old heave a ball as hard as he can across a hardwood floor. Added to that, I'm pretty sure I could whip Sean at Poker now, so he may have to redeem himself with bowling. He's definitely better at bowling than me. I tend to almost fall on the slick floors every time I approach the line. I also get my thumb stuck in the ball on a fairly regular basis. I do realize I could get a heavier ball and not have the small thumbhole problem, but my arms are kind of scrawny.

Obviously, I have run out of things to say. I'm only trying to keep myself awake 'til Sean calls, but apparently there will be no calls tonight. For those of you wanting to book parties or just request my/our presence in general, we will be in Souf Reclina from May 29-June 14. If you are offering babysitting services, your requests will take priority. :) That was a joke. For the most part.
So it's not a pictureless post. This was from April 2007, back when they loved each other. Before they tried to kill each other from the second they woke up 'til their lil lids closed at night. When Simon used to do anything he could to be kind to his baby brother and Felix did nothing but mimic Simon's every move. Waaaay back when it wasn't, "Mommy! Felix just spit on me!" and "Mommy! MOMMY! He just kicked me right in the back of the head for NO REASON!" Back when they got along all the time instead of just when they were ganging up on me trying to push me over that ledge. I don't think I ever used the shrill voice when they were at this stage. I used the shrill voice today. It wasn't my best moment{s}.

I look forward to the day that I can take pictures like this again.


beth said...

too bad the layover isn't in mpls.

i think you're worth it too.

have fun, but i know i'll be talking to you before you go. like...tomorrow, probably.

tell pop and simon to be nice.

Corey said...

awe! your dad is awesome! You totally are worth it :)
what is is with this age/stage and the constant fighting and competition? My 2 have been driving me nuts with that too! and the whole FOR NO REASON! thing..ahhh!

nicole said...

that is so great chrissy!!
although i'm now a little more worried about my own flight with three kids by myself :)

Christine said...

Awww. I always loved your dad, and seeing what he told you just validates my feelings! You are worth it, and it is nice to hear it every once in awhile...isn't it! :-)

latoya said...

I'll be willing to COME to a party if you throw one. :)

Jude said...

you are always worth it!! :)
lets talk soon ;)