Thursday, April 22, 2010

seeing this picture

This man was sent to Afghanistan with a very nice camera. Granted, it was my cast off, it is still nicer than any other soldier's cameras, I'm told. He has been there 100 days. He has sent me, drumroll please, three pictures. And he was only in one of them.

I sent him with a flash drive and then mailed him another. I sent him a computer. He has all the means necessary to send me pictures...

There's a company that takes pictures and videos and uploads them for family members and press (and really anybody who wants to see them as it's not password protected or anything) to see. I'm still a lil iffy about posting too much on here, but he says it's okay.

So I found this picture. It kinda brought up a lot of emotions. Right off the bat I was just happy to see him! I love that he's smiling a genuine smile. It kinda makes me...not angry, but I don't really know what the right word is. Indignant, I guess. That's my husband. I have to explain to my kids why he's not here. Every. Day.

I know there is a purpose to this war. I'm not sure what it is anymore. I don't think Washington has it figured out either. They're too busy with other things like raising our taxes and sliding things through before their power is squashed by upcoming elections.
He's not on the frontlines. He's not getting shot at, but he's there. That's enough. Watching the videos of the kids Sean is taking care of over there just kills me. Bad pun. They're just so young. Anyways, I can't and won't dwell on it, I just had these jumbled thoughts bubbling up and thought I'd share. The thing I felt most when seeing this picture and then reading his quote was simply pride. I am so proud.

"I have gotten a chance to not only serve in my traditional assessment role as a nurse, but I have actually gotten a chance to hang out, watch movies and get to know our patients," Lt. Amport said. "Seeing what these Marines go through and getting to help them has given me new insight on myself and I know I will go home a better person for having had the chance to serve my fellow service members."

My goodness, he's handsome.


Dr. L said...

Chrissy, you married a gem. You SHOULD be proud of him! I'm proud and thankful and sad and angry for you, for him. Thank you Sean for all you do for this country. And thank you Chrissy for the sacrifices you have made for this country as well. You have 3 beautiful children and Sean'll be back. 100 days is a long time. But you're kickin each day's butt!!

Just know that you're an inspiration to the rest of us. :) Latoya

Christine said...

I think Latoya said it best. :-) I just want you to know that I think about you and your family EVERY single day.

Corey said...

:D you are a lucky woman, but he is a a very lucky man. hang in there girl. we're all still praying for you guys.

Kimberly White said...

A great post my friend! So thankful tht he is willing to go ...

beth said...

and that's a keeper. print it. frame it. canvas it.
you get the idea.