Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I notice there are a few that haven't gotten their posts in...

1. Today makes 12 weeks. Easter+weeding the yard+mowing the yard+fertilizing the yard+washing the car+oooooooodles of doctors appts with the kiddos+cleaning the house constantly+laundry+dishes+paying bills+handling RV stuff+all the other normal kid stuff like bathsX3, food prepX3, fielding allergy woes, bedding down 3, snuggling and cuddling and fixing ailsX3, homework with Simon, disciplining Felix, chasing Titus, etc etc etc: I am quite proud of myself.

The day Sean left, I called my friend, Lisa. She's been here and done this. I remember asking her what day she was on. 77. That was a milestone for me. I remember thinking that day, "On Day 77, I'll remember this exact moment." Day 77 came and went last week. While it's awesome that this much is over, we still have a ways to go. I just wish they would give him a ballpark of a date. I really want a date to look forward to.

2. While on the subject: I got a box from Afg today. It only took a little over two weeks this time. Sean sent some carved trinkets and some Afg money. He sent me some scarves that I just can't make look right wrapped around my neck or in my hair, but I love them anyways. He sent a really cool British box thing that now sits upon my mantle. Of all the things he sent, Felix was most excited about the Spiderman fruit snacks. He wasn't even wearing a turban or anything. Just plain ole American Spiderman.

3. We have to be up and to the hospital in 6 hours 45 minutes. Fun.

4. Having a screaming baby/whiny 4 year old, can get you through a two hour admin process in 45 minutes.

5. BAMC still gets me choked up. Just within our earshot today was a man who lost his leg to this war. Another with horrible burns all over his face, arm and leg. I say "within our earshot," because they were the two Simon kept saying, "Look what happened to him." about. Nice. He wasn't being rude about it, just curious.

6. I keep forgetting that Titus' party is this weekend. I'm in denial just a bit.

7. Titus said "hot" tonight, referring to the panini press. He refused a tray full of turkey, cantaloupe, crackers, cheese and puffs. Instead, he lunged for my panini and banshee screamed in my face when I tried to intercept his hand. That was yesterday. Today, I made him his own panini. Turkey and cheese on a whole wheat deli flat. He ate the entire thing.

8. My house is what people who don't clean their houses like to refer to as "lived in." It's driving me crazy. I am in the process of finishing a quilt. I just got my Tastefully Simple kit. I got the box from Sean. There are plastic Easter eggs coming out of the carpet, I swear. And the kids...it is their sole purpose in life to destroy my house. It is all culminating right by the front door. I've caught myself telling...myself, "It's not dirty, it's cluttered." Either way, it doesn't stifle my desire to leave the front door open in the hopes that someone would wander in and take something, just to get it out of my house.

9. That said, I just bought a teak hutch and Levolor blinds for the entire house from a friend. She has four boys, and is selling everything out from under them. She's tired of the "lived in" look, too. Works for me! I got thousands of dollars worth of blinds for $10 a window. And the hutch, it matches our table {that we still don't have chairs for} perfectly!

10. Because I'm out of things to say, a picture:

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beth said...

that's not a hint or anything....is it? :)

hope everything went well this morning.
talk with you soon.

and...the bluebonnets...i should come back.