Tuesday, May 04, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. 16 weeks down{ that's 112 days, if anyone's counting }. What in the world will my #1 Ten on Tuesday point be when Sean gets home?

2. I've been sew happy lately. I helped a friend make a quilt for her baby girl{sidenote large enough to probably be a whole separate point: She asked me to take pics when baby is born. :) I am so flattered. And that kinda makes me her Aunt or Godmother or something if I'm there at her birth, doesn't it? Just photographer? Ok. I'm only kidding, please don't rescind the invite.}. I made a pillow for a little boy that has a Pirate room. I made 7 skirts for small people in one day, including these 4 for nieces:

3. I was up to point 7 and Blogger ate my post. For shame, Blogger!

4. I had a whole controversial point about this immigration issue that was so wonderful and philosophical and...The long and short of it, more like the long part: We lived in Phoenix. I am not exaggerating when I say, I personally saw illegal immigrant arrests on a weekly basis. Sometimes daily. Every single night on the news, they were giving locations of drop houses in really nice neighborhoods where Coyotes were keeping tens-hundreds of these poor illegals for ransom or selling them. We have laws for a reason. There is a legal way to immigrate. Immigration is what made{and continues to make} America what it is. Should our gov't just turn a blind eye and let thousands upon thousands of people flood through our borders, just to be snatched up once here and sold? Is that not slavery? I can feel the tangent coming, I'll just shut this point up.

5. A Cinco de Mayo picture from school. This one kinda speaks for itself. Apparently, I have a kid with no concern over being PC.

6. Sean may finally be getting internet access. It only took the gov't 112 days to get it. Though, he still doesn't have a PW, so it could be another week or two.

7. Yesterday, I took the two littles to McD's for lunch. Titus kept looking over my shoulder while waving once in the air and then swirling his hands together. It took me a bit to figure it out. There was a hand sanitizer pump behind me. Kids were climbing up into the chair, hitting it with one hand & washing their hands. He was mimicking their every move. It was crazy awesome to watch. If he hadn't been so giggly about the whole process, I would've thought something was wrong with him. In a Rainman kinda way.

8. I finally got some pictures of my other two. I think a few of them are definitely frame worthy.
The food on his face just kills me. I wonder if I will ever get a picture of this boy with a clean face. I once thought about doing a mini-book of Felix with food on his face pics, but it is every single picture I have ever taken of him. He's wearing a hat his Daddy sent all the way from Afghanistan. He boycotted the hat yesterday b/c he had stretched the elastic cord down around his foot and it popped up and nailed him right in his eyebrow bone. I told him. I told him at least 5 times not to do it. Injury is God's way of saying you shoulda listened to your mama.

And Simon. This kid likes reading just about as much as his father. Fiction books, anyways. Those two will read a non-fiction book no problem. But when he's forced to read, oh my. After about 10 minutes of whining and negotiations, he usually settles in and actually enjoys it. As evidenced by his smirk.
9. I have not even begun to think about Mother's Day presents. Guess I better get on it! I'm kind of avoiding the two major events of May: Mother's Day and our NINTH anniversary.

10. It looks like a trip to my favorite place on earth is in the works for August. More to come about that at a later date.


Kolt and Susannah said...

your invite is not revoked!! i was afraid it would freak you out if i asked you to be there. i just hope that you can be with your trip!

Christine said...

Mexican people and "flotes". Yup, that about sums up Cinco de Mayo! That had me laughing for quite awhile. :-) It doesn't take much to amuse me.

Aron said...

"Injury is God's way of saying you shoulda listened to your mama." Exactly. My favorite line in the entire post. :)

Allison said...

Ditto the injury quote. :) And the immigration issue... erg. I get a little upset when people go all bleeding heart over things they've never experienced. Aaaaanywho... lovely sewing project and photos! :)

Corey said...

Cute skirts!! The whole immigration thing totally irritates me. Not the the law, but the way people are reacting to it. There's this idiot here in CA who wants to petition to cease all trade and contact with AZ because of it. I mean...seriously??
Cute pic of Felix!! i love the food on his face. :)

Jude said...

the photo one if my favorite. He and emerson are so so so much alike. I have photoshopped so much toothpaste and crumbs... and boogers!