Tuesday, May 18, 2010

10 on Tuesday

one year ago
1. 18 weeks down. 126 days.

2. Tomorrow is our Ninth Anniversary. I really don't want to elaborate on that today. Maybe tomorrow.

3. Felix can tie his shoes. He's had the ability for a while, but not the desire. New shoes fixed that. I got him a new pair of the cutest Adidas' ever! Simon got the same pair in a different color and Titus got his first pair of Crocs. I love outlet shopping. It does this cheapskate's heart so much good.

4. Titus is starting to walk. I guess I should be more prepared considering he's 13 months old, but I've grown quite accustomed to his weight on my hip. He is calling everyone, "Mama" and everyfood, "juice." The other day at the bowling alley, he said, "Your turn." My friend heard it, too, it wasn't just my imagination. And yesterday, he said, "puzzle." I swear he's some kinda genius. What one year old says "puzzle?"
5. I finally got my box from Afghanistan. Knock off Pradas and some sequined pillows have never made me so happy.

6. In the box was a flash drive full of pictures. There's an obnoxious amount of pictures of some guy named Velez that feels the need to strike a pose with every single release of the shutter. Not a whole lot of Sean. Of those, he has a mustache in every single one of 'em.

7. Sean will never{evereverevereverever} again have a mustache. They just don't look right on some people. He's one of those people. Maybe if there was a beard attached or if it was part of a goatee, but just all alone...nope.

8. I am very much looking forward to my trip home. There's my high school reunion. I plan to have three Tastefully Simple parties while I'm there. One for my mom, one for my sister and a Mystery Host party that I will be putting on. If you would like an invite, please PLEASE send me your address! The kiddos are already on the list for VBS. There's a friend coming down from VA that I haven't seen in 23 years. It looks like it will be packed full and that's just how I like it.

9. I've become addicted to Army Wives. It's just one of those shows I have to watch. It's funny the details my friend and I catch as "That is SO not how it is!" It's been fun bonding with another Air Force wife. I doubt we'll ever get our own show, but we do plan to latch on to the next three newbies' wives that PCS here. We want our own circle of AF wives, should either of us secretly need to deliver surrogate twins on a pool table at the closest bar off base.

10. Tomorrow also marks TEN years since I graduated. Not from college, from highschool. That still makes me old, just maybe not as old as some of you thought. If you were paying attention, you realize I got married just a year out of highschool. And I wasn't even pregnant! I'm sure some people thought so. Nope, nope. I just knew. I am so glad I didn't chalk it up to puppy love.


Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip. Make F teach B how to tie her shoes, please :)

Christine said...

Is there any way I can plan my weekend down to correspond with one of those TS parties? :-) My work has been so hectic I am praying it doesn't mess up my plans!

Kolt and Susannah said...

i'll let you be the surrogate mama. no way i'm being sick for 4 months for someone else's kids haha!

glad that we got the pedicure and dinner set for tomorrow. i know i'm no replacement for your husband, but glad i can be there for you.

Corey said...

1. one day at at a time ;)
2. happy anniversary!
3. awesome! i love the outlets too. I'm going to miss them when i move. :(
4.You have 3 very smart boys for sure!
5. awe!
6. glad you finally got some pics though!
7. LOL! oh i can relate. Pete and I go round and round about facial hair and what is acceptable and what isn't. we never agree
8. sounds like tons of fun!
9. I have only watched that once or twice. But My MIL loves it. May have to try it again :)
10.You are just a baby. I have 5 years on you. :)

beth said...

1. now it's 127 days.
2. make him a super sappy minibook. :) call it...get a room. hahaha
3. go felix!
4. go teetus. :)
5. nice work sean.
6. glad you finally got the flash drive.
7. i think he's definitely a no facial hair kind of guy, too.
8. you'll have so much fun. let me know if you have questions on the ts parties. also, check on sales tax.
9. when you're famous from your new show, will you still be my friend?
10. no comment. not one.