Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10 on Tuesday

I like Tuesdays. They force me to blog and they are milestones of another week down.

1. 19 weeks, 133 days. Man alive, that's a long time to be away from somebody you share a closet with.

2. I really don't like pushy people. I'm having to push back, in my own way. It's growing me. I'm learning.

3. I am so excited to see my mom tomorrow! I'm even more excited this time than I was when she first came out. She already has some sitters lined up when we get back to S.C. THAT makes me giddy.

4. I have been a late night scrapping fool for the past week or so.

5. I have kinda started packing. I plan to really get into it during naptime. I am only using one duffel. Packing 4 people for a 2 week vaca in 1 bag should prove to be...undoable. I'll figure it out. The cheapskate in me will make it so, $25 for a checked bag...pshh!

6. I wish it didn't cost $150 per ticket to change the return date.

7. I have to figure out an Egyptian costume for Simon to wear on his last day of school, Thursday. Why do they(the teachers) spring this junk on you at the end of the year? Don't they know we have no motivation by the last week of school?

8. We are officially a week away from the anniversary of Sean joining the Air Force. What a year. That statement doesn't deserve an exclamation point. That said, I quite like the AF lifestyle. There's a lot of bad that goes along with the good, but it doesn't tip the scales enough to regret any decisions.

9. My boys, all three of them, have reached the stereotypical bug loving stage. Felix tried to sneak a handful of roly polies in through a Target bag today. Thankfully, he's really bad at being sneaky. Titus just crawls after anything that moves, pointing and laughing. Simon is 99% enthralled, but he still tries to make Felix do all the dirty work-the digging, the excavating, the toting of the super slimy ones.

10. Three faves from the last week or so:


hippo chick said...

What a blessing that your mom is coming. Have a great time with her and at home.

I really like your scrapbook pages. I need to remember to be more spare in my pages.

My friend (actually she's more like another daughter) is coming in June for three days to craft. I can hardly wait. Hope to have lots of pics to show.

Didn't mean to turn this into an epistle.

~hippo hugs~

Brown English Muffin said...

so glad that you are going to see your mom, I can't wait to see all the pics and how thoughtful of her to line up sitters! Your mom rocks!!!

nicole said...

envious of your late night scrapping time!!
today is packing day for me...and also dreading the $20 a suitcase fee - since more than likely i am going to have two each way - that $80 i would so rather spend on vacation rather than getting our stuff there!!

Kimberly White said...

Lovely pages my friend! It's good to see your art on the blog again! Hope you have fun with your Mom!

beth said...

1. and tomorrow it's 20 weeks. that's four hands. yay for you guys.
2. it takes all kinds.
3. glad she could come to help you out and fly with you.
4. :)
5. but at least it's a big duffle. and you made fun of mine when you saw it. :)
6. it would be worth it.
7. i know the ending to this one.
8. that's good.
9. eeeewwwe. no thanks.
10. i need to get scrapping again.