Monday, May 03, 2010

and I quote,

"Way back in the 1980's, they didn't have band-aids. They just had to wrap their wounds in big bandages."-Simon.

Yes, way back then, they also had a television star named Mr. T. Apparently, sixteen year old boys of nowadays don't know anything about pitying the fool. Unless you count me, the storyteller, the fool. Then there was definitely some old lady pitying going on. Doesn't it seem like Mr. T would cross age boundaries? He stands the test of time, right? I guess not. I was like, "A Team. THE A TEAM...Mowhawk, gold chains..." I was a breath away from humming the show's tune. Nothing. I got nothing.

To confirm my oldness, this evening I spent my semi-free time{meaning, 2 of the 3 were in bed} doing yardwork. I might as well start applying for Social Security now. Lucky for me, I had a cute, young yard boy helping me.
I was moving the sprinkler when he decided a patch of mud looked strikingly similar to chocolate cake. I'm not sure if he actually swallowed any.
Note to self: take pictures of the other two!


hippo chick said...

Don't worry, you took this many pictures of the others when they were this age. He is such a cutie.

~hippo hugs~

Kimberly White said...

That's one cute yard boy! Way back in the 80's I watched Mr. T too. And the Fonz ... do you remember him? (or am I too old!) Have a great day!

Jude said...

you ARE old! ;)

nicole said...

I overheard jack telling william that "mama was born in the olden days" - i guess it's all relative :)

Allison said...

:) I really want Chris to download the Mr. T voice for his GPS. I call it his b/c I hate the thing, but I might not if Mr. T was involved.

I love that your banner is looking 'redder.' :)