Thursday, May 13, 2010


Last night, after we'd already said our goodbyes, I threw out an, "I want another baby," test at Sean. I just like to mess with him like that. Just to see, y'know? He failed that test miserably.

He goes, "I was watching that Mel Gibson movie, 'The Patriot' the other night. Remember how his little girl wouldn't talk, but when he started to ride away on his horse she started yelling, 'Papa! Papa, come back! I'll say anything you want me to say!'?" Of course I remember that part! He said, "I won't lie, that got me all choked up." He then continues taunting future children in front of me with, "I was like, 'I want a little girl to call me 'Papa.'" {I can't keep up with all the quotation marks. Hopefully, no English teachers are reading.} Men, don't tell your wives conversations you have with yourself over babies. Just don't go there.

He said not to blog this. His exact words involved something about murder and boycotting my blog. He never reads it anyways, so I'm okay with that. :)

He said it was the first time since he's been there that he's thought about another baby. Really? I assured him that was just the emotion of missing his kids. He'll spend a day, maybe two, with them and it will pass. After a week or so, he may even be asking about a refund for the ones we have.

That said...

He signed his last email to me:  Papa

I've been chuckling about that conversation all day. This time next year, if there happens to be another Amp baby around, you'll all know whose fault it is.

Moving right along, the one baby that we currently have is getting quite expressive. He is chattin' it up and bustin' his brothers chops on a regular basis. His favorite toy is now my mouse. We have a trackball dealy and he comes up and pulls my hand away so he can play with the ball part. He gets so frustrated with me when I put my hand back. It's cute and aggravating and restarting the computer several times a day b/c he's locked it up get's old real quick. But, I may actually get a kid that stands up for himself yet!

Yesterday at breakfast, Mr. Simon told me he had a good dream the night before. He said he was hugging Sean on his bed and he was crying and I took a picture. "Why were you crying?" I asked. "Because I was so excited to see him."

We're gonna be a hot mess at the airpoRT.

i HAD A LOT MORE WTO SSAY, BUT WMrw. wTitus has Decided messiNG WITH the printer is no fun anymore1. THe keyboard looks so much more` entert`aining to him. SCCCCCute.www``


Christine said...

Awww. I think the world definitely needs more of those cute babies you and Sean make. :-)

beth said...

not sure what to say about the baby thing.

i can be hiding at the airport capturing all of you hot messes. :) is that the correct plural form of mess? or is it mess-i. kidding.

Cheryl Wray said...

Girls ARE sweet....just saying! :-)