Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My obsession of all things talk radio/morning&evening news, comes from my dad. Growing up, we didn't watch Full House or Growing Pains, we watched my dad react to current events. I can clearly see it in my mind, my mom snickering and saying, "Mark!" as he let loose at the tv in front of us kids. Now it's me. Only the one I usually rant and rave with isn't by my side.

If nothing else, this deployment has been good for his media induced rising blood pressure. He knows very little about what's going on right now.

He would have fun with this story. I just heard about it on the radio and had to call my Dad.

Courageous Restraint

I get so sick and tired of the media portraying the military as hate mongering baby killers. They are quite the opposite. They give their LIVES for the freedom of others! They don't set out to kill women and children, they set out to give them the same freedoms we take for granted.

This award seems to go hand in hand with the current administration. Let's not drop bombs on the terrorist, lets drop girl scout cookies and just see if that brings them around.

Soldiers should never second guess their decisions. They shouldn't have to. That second guess could cost them or their fellow soldiers their life. The Taliban uses civilians as human shields. They hide in houses and recruit children b/c they know Americans care about killing innocent people.

To even propose this award seems like a slap in the face to all soldiers. I just need to end it right here. I have too much input about this article. Read it and see what you think.

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nikih said...

Dad must be so proud! Preach it sista!!