Sunday, May 02, 2010

tiny bubbles

Not champagne bubbles, though after today, liquor bubbles sound right tasty. Does liqour even have bubbles? I wouldn't notice at this point. I just need something that will make me not hear my children whine or bicker or backtalk. Or whine.

This was yesterday, before the sitter came. I was in a happy, bubble blowing kinda place. Titus thought it was just hilarious. The other two heard lack of whining and decided to come fill the void by taking away the frolicky goodness of bubble blowing and BOY it up.
That's when this face appeared. I let Felix take over and he put the wand right in T's face and blew as hard as he could, emitting bubble spittle all up in his grill. He was highly offended. The rest of us thought it was hilarious.
The big two's splattering of bubble juice on the kitchen floor got the party moved outside. It was kinda windy for bubbles yesterday. Titamook wasn't loving the fleeting bubbles as much as he was loving the drifty, inside ones.
Fun stuff.


Christine said...

Sometimes I wish that something as simple as bubbles could pull me out of a funk when I am in one. We could all learn something from Titus. :-)Enjoy the small things in life.

Corey said...

i just love the faces he makes!

Kimberly White said...

Such beautiful pics Chrissy!

Jude said...

i am impressed you were blowing bubbles and got some pics b4 the "helpers" arrived :)