Wednesday, June 30, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. 24 weeks down. 168 days. 12 more and Sean gets a short tour out of this.

2. I feel like I'm treading water and my muscles are tightening up. I can't seem to get anything just how I want it. The yard, the house, the bills: I'm doing it all, but none of it well. I get the living room cleaned up and by the time the kitchen is done, the kids have dumped a container of legos. That kinda thing all day, every day in every aspect of my life. I guess it's like that all the time, but it just seems magnified without the Other here.

3. Kinda like our country! The War, the oil spill, the economy, unemployment, a failed stimulus{shocking!}, the Border, int'l relations, etc etc etc. There's only so much he can blame on the past. At some point, he has to get a clue. His inexperience that everyone chose to ignore is really coming into play at this point, eh?

4. Tonight: dinner and pedicures with a friend who recently joined the moms of 3 club. I'm thinking her husband should probably confiscate our passports before we go.

5. Today: grocery shopping. I have no idea what I'm going for, other than bananas. Cooking is just another area I am failing miserably at. Once payday hits, it may be eating out for the remainder of our sentence.

6. Picking up this post after said grocery shopping trip. Turns out, I went for a lot more than groceries! They are expanding the security of ID cards to get on base. The short version: stand in a reeeeeeeeeeally long line  for a reeeeeeeeeeeally long time with three reeeeeeeeeally aggravating children to give a thumb print to the government. The deadline is July 1, but since they haven't really made it a point to tell people about this little thumb print trick, not many people know about it. Hence, setting up thumb print stations in the Commissary and BX. I'm wondering when they'll start scanning our eyeballs to get on base.

Luckily, there was a lady in line in front of me with two teenage daughters. Even after watching their aggravating-ness, she gave me her number for babysitting. SCORE!

7. Just because I can't think of 3 more points, her son was freakishly tall. This old man came up to him and asked. I didn't hear the second part, the inches, but I did hear, "Seven feet..." O_O

8. I got to talk to Sean tonight. I love that we are starting to really plan for when he comes home. SOOOON. Not before the milk expires soon, but somewhere around the time the sour cream expires. Hey, I have to cling to something.

9. It's taken me all day to write this post. The confiscation of passports wasn't necessary for our evening out, but we had an awesome time. Nothing like going out on the town with someone who gets it! We got to eat our meal warm. We didn't have to wipe any mouths but our own. We didn't have to take anyone potty. We got to drink from something with a stem. And, we have very pretty toes.

10. Going out with Tara reminds me just how small this world is. It's crazy that the timing lined up just so. That God arranged our paths in such a fashion that our lives would overlap at this time, in this place. He knew I would need a friend like her. Now. Maybe it's not so much that the world is small, but that my God is so big.

So there's 10 on Tuesday on Wednesday. Thanks to that 9:30 coffee, I am wide open.


Kimberly White said...

I can't keep my house clean either. It's so very frustrating to clean a room only to have it messy when a kid walks through it! So glad that God has given you a friend for just this time. He is so very good and he loves you guys very much!

Jude said...

i miss you...