Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

last year. My how they've grown.

Craziness. Compared to missing Valentine's Day and his 30th Birthday, Titus' 1st birthday and our Ninth Anniversary, Father's Day sorta doesn't make the cut of important holidays. It's really just another day to mark of the calendar. It helps that the kids aren't as aware of this Hallmark Holiday.

A lady over there made the dads a slideshow with pictures of our kids. Luckily, she didn't put it to music. Music always makes things more emotional. Sean said it was a nice surprise and the Dads ended up getting the rest of the day off.

I got to talk to him four times today! Doesn't that sound fantastic? Yeah, each call was about 3 minutes long. We'd be mid-sentence and I'd get the buzz, "This call can not be completed as dialed." Apparently, if he turns his head wrong, or relaxes his arm just a bit, the phone disconnects. He said it's like holding a gallon of milk up to your ear. All I could think when he said that, "This is so not like it is on TV." What is, right?

Father's Day has been good for us this year. We got to eat breakfast with one of our favorite dads-Pop Pop. As I was surrounded by my three lovies, all behaving fabulously, listening to Pop Pop tell me again in his strong Jersey accent, "I'm real impressed with how you handle the three of them. I'm just surprised, that's all," I couldn't help but smile.

Titus spent a good bit of our breakfast playing peek-a-boo with his Great Grandfather, while his Great Oma looked on with glee. Just another experience we would've missed if Sean was here. I've had so much fun the last three weeks. Knowing I'll probably never live in South Carolina makes me really appreciate the time I have here. Knowing people and time are never guaranteed makes me appreciate the people I have. 


A very Happy, Happy Father's Day to my Love.
To the man that gave me my sense of humor and love of politics{and you are totally to blame for the funky hair, too}, my Dad.
To the men who shaped Sean, his dad and Pop Pop.

And to all the dad's who married GI Janes, having to give it a go alone this holiday, Happy Father's Day!


hippo chick said...

You rock!

~hippo hugs~

Jude said...

you are almost there!! cannot believe we didn't get to see you guys. my little men were so bummed... and so was their mama!