Thursday, June 03, 2010

good times

I didn't bring a card reader and most of my family hasn't quite made it past the Apple {before it was cool} Computer stage. I am not lying. You should see this dinosaur they have in my old bedroom. I'm assuming the reason they still have it is for the kids to play with, but I'm starting to wonder. After all those years of moving every two or three years, things aren't getting tossed quite so frequently after having been settled for 15 years. I have had so much fun digging through closets. If only I could get some of this stuff home! We're planning on coming back for the motorhome when Sean gets back. There is definitely room for some things in there.

I just got back from running Felix down to my dad's hangar. I got just the tiniest bit choked up as he grabbed my hand with an, "I love you more than trees." We continued the back and forth all the way down to the mud puddle that Punkin got a sip from. He informed me of his desire to be a dog so he can drink from mud puddles. It was a nice memory and I want to keep it. More for the feeling of thankfulness I got over the fact that that little interchange would never have happened if Sean was here.

I'm really hanging on to the moments here and cherishing the little bit of time I have left with our little unit. I'm quite proud of how we've managed to hang.

*Yesterday, me & them + 1 stopped for pictures of our family tree. Thank you, whomever is responsible for not tearing down my family tree. It really ought to come down. It is the ugliest tree I've ever seen. Judging by the stares from passers-by, it's the ugliest tree anyone has ever seen. Lots of people wondering what the heck I was taking pictures of. After two cops slowed down, I chickened out and made my nephew get out and snap a few more.

*After dropping off the +1, the sky greyed up and erupted on us. As it has pretty much every day since we've been here. On our way home, we spotted a double rainbow and decided to see if we could find the pot of gold. Sometimes you just have to follow the rainbow, even if it is down a muddy dirt road and you pass a suspicious duo at the "fishing hole" conducting a drug deal and/or extra marital affair. That's just a guess, I could be wrong. Though they didn't like me poking around with my camera, attempting to take pictures of the very few cypress trees left in the swamp.

Last time we were here, I passed through on a foggy morning. It was so beautiful. Unfortunately, a greedy hog didn't think so and let some logger come in and snatch up most of the cypress trees. There are so many memories on that scary dirt road, by the swamp. It's just a hop, skip and a jump from my parents house. I remember one particular Halloween party I had. The whole group of us went down there in the pitch black. I don't remember what happened exactly, but it involved a barking dog and all of us running back to my house, screaming our brains out.

Anyways, that was quite a tangent I went off on. I ended up getting some pictures of my swamp and Cypress trees. I hope they turned out somewhat clear and representative of just how beautiful the mucky swamp is.

*The memory of calling my nephew on his cell phone is one I want to remember years down the road when he's grown and married and with tweens of his own. It's just funny. I used to wipe that kid's butt and here he is with a deep voice and cell phone. *sigh*

*Titus refused to come to me last night. He tangled his arms around my sister like a baby ape and kept pointing away from me. That's fine, kid, I only gave birth to you. It was adorable, though, and I know it did his Aunt Niki's heart good.

*The boys are all about my dad's 1/2 re-built plane. It's just their size and they have become the Wright Brothers many times today. They've flown all around the world, without leaving the ground. It's 80 bazillion degrees in the Hangar, but they insist that the plane will not fly without the door being closed and latched. Seeing them in that little skeleton of a plane, it makes me happy. My dad says, "You'll rue the day they fell in love with airplanes." Simon likes planes in the way all little boys do. Felix studies them. It goes beyond a normal interest. We shall see if that one sprouts wings one day.

*I got my eyebrows done today. I think I was meant to be a man. That, or a hairy woman, because that just hurts. That's not the memory I wanted to remember, though it may serve me well next time I decide not to tweeze. The memory is of walking out of the salon, running into a friend. It's the one thing I love and hate about this town. You can't go anywhere without seeing someone you know. Today, it happened to be a good thing.

*The last memory, Mr. T decided to grace me with his presence at 4:30 this morning. Punky Brewster kept me up til almost 7. Nothing worked, he just wanted to be up & crying. It really sucked not having a Dad to hand him over to. Not to give me a break, just to have his Daddy comfort the poor guy. I missed Sean more during that little escapade than I have in a long time.

I am so lucky to have a man that I miss that much.
I am so lucky to have three knuckleheads that remind me of that.
On that note, Titus just said, "Love you," for the very first time.


Melissa said...

Gosh, I can't wait to see the pictures....

I'm glad you are having a great time with family. Enjoy it. And before you know it, your family will be complete again.

Corey said...

sounds like you're really enjoying yourself! that's awesome. Can't wait to see pics!

beth said...

enjoy the time there. looking forward to the pics.
say hi to your mom and niki for me.

Jude said...

i can't wait to see pics!!!!