Wednesday, June 30, 2010


right in the heart.

Both kids picked tonight to have a meltdown. I walked in to the bathroom to make sure Feefs was brushing his teeth and he had his fists in his sockets again. I thought he got toothpaste in his eyes. He tends to get things in his eyes on a very regular basis. Anyways, I said, "What'sa matter, Bud?" He has never, not in six whole months cried over Sean. I was baffled as he launched into, "I miss Daddy. I don't even care about Daddy! Alls I care about is that-ee's GOOOOOOOOOONE!"

Simon, not one to miss out on a moment of coddling/bedtime stalling at it's best{what can I say? I totally pander to their missing Daddy fits, even if they are conveniently timed}, buried his face into his lil prayer blanket and sobbed. I mean, sobbed. I climbed up to his bunk to give him a hug and saw his calendar.

This is just too much for my little boys.

But it's moments like the ones we just had that make me realize just how good we've got it. If this is the trial or hearthache or whatever that we have to endure, I'm cool. I don't know what life will bring in the years to come, but I can say that this is the worst we've had to face up to this point. And ain't all that bad.


nikih said...

My heart is broken. I'm sorry you have to hurt like this. Hold on just a little bit longer little guys. I remember missing dad like that and it is such an ache that you just can't reason with. Please fall for the tears and let them sleep with you tonight.

Jenny said...

I can't even imagine having to deal with my husband being gone...but being a child and missing daddy...heartwrenching! Praying for his QUICK return!

Anonymous said...

;( I'm sorry you had to endure not one, but two meltdowns (while trying to keep it together yourself) tonight.

It seems like the last little stretch is the hardest (I think I cried more during the last two weeks Kyle was overseas than any other time). I'm not really sure why, though? May it was part tears of relief, who knows?!

I pray for Sean and you and the boys every night before I go to bed. Tonight, I will say an extra one! ;)

hippo chick said...

You are precious; your children are precious; Sean is precious...all in the sight of God.

~hippo hugs~

PS - the word verification for this comment is shedliti - May God shed his loving, graceful, merciful light on you.


Kimberly White said...

sending a hug. hoping you can all just give Sean a big hug soon!

Jude said...

oh, feefs crying it too much! i am praying this last stretch passes quickly!!!