Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday again?

Time is flying here! I am so so so so glad I was able to extend this "vacation" a bit. Not so much a vacation as my kids just tearing up a different house, driving me crazy in a different town.

1. 22 weeks. I had a set number of weeks I was guesstimating this deployment would last way back on day one. I told myself, "You only have to make it X number of weeks." That number wasn't much more than 22. Even though we still haven't been given a window of dates, I know we're almost there.

2. Titus made a friend last night. While in the throes of a passionate tantrum, he suddenly stopped cold. He saw our shadow. The shadow waved at him and he spent the next 15 minutes waving back. Today, when I went to put him down for a nap, he started turning every which way in my arms, waving, looking for our shadow. It was so cute.

3. Simon learned to swim today. A $3 pair of goggles was all he needed. He's so excited. I am too. I was planning on $150 & weeks of  lessons. He's a boy after my own cheap heart. I would still like to get him some lessons, but at least now I don't have to pay for all the different segments.

4. I was thinking about how the boys have changed over the last six months. Huge things Sean has missed. Simon learned to swim. Felix learned to read. Titus learned to walk. The big three.

5. My sister, brother-in-law, me and our gaggle of kids went to the beach late last Friday. It was perfect. No traffic, no heat, no crowds. Just us on the beach with the kids running wild. The ride home with six sleeping kids was just icing on the cake.

6. Vacation Bible School has to be the single greatest summer to-do. I'm all about the crafts and songs and Bible lessons, but I'm mostly about the free babysitting. Does that make me a horrible person? It's not like I hit the bar during those two short hours or anything, but I am almost drunk with giddiness. Ya'll, babysitters are expensive for three kids!

7. "Are there gonna be Egyptian people in Heaven?-Simon
"Yep, there will be people from all over in Heaven."-me
"Man...I don't speak their language."-to himself

8. scene: in the car at the grocery store, waiting on Grandma. Felix mentions early on in the conversation{read: all three kids losing their minds, screaming/talking/singing/babbling simultaneously}, "God loves you, even when you mess up." A few minutes later, Simon did something that invoked a smack from his smaller brother. Of course, it was devastating and he demanded justice be served. "Felix, come on up here and have a chat with me. You do not hit your brother." Wait for it, wait for it. "Well...God still loves me." What am I supposed to do with that?

I guess it's gonna be 8 on Tueday. My brain can't come up with any other tid bits about our life at the moment.

eta: I had some thoughts on the this whole oil crisis that I don't want as a stand alone post, so I added them here:

I'm listening to Congress ream BP's CEO, something or other Hayward. Sure would hate to be him right now.

*Some Suit was just reading this long list of safety violations against BP from 2007. He was going on and on and on about these OSHA violations that are 3 years old. He was reaming Heyward for how they were on his watch and blah blah blah. My question is, WHY are they bringing up violations from three years ago. Should those not have been presented three years ago when something could've been done?! Why did it have to come to 11 lives being lost and this huge catastrophe to have these violations addressed.

*While I hate seeing that picture of the pelican the media keeps showing over and over{and over and over and over} again, why have I not seen a single picture of any of the 11 human beings that were killed?

*Why is the POTUS saying he's done everything he can when he hasn't??

__He hasn't waived the Jones Act{it was after Katrina}
__His admin is refusing boom production.
__He refused help from the Dutch
I had links for all of these points. They disappeared and I'm too lazy to hunt them down again. Google any of the above and you'll find tons of articles.

*Why, oh why, would he compare an oil spill to 9/11? The oil rig was a disaster, 9/11 was a terrorist attack. 9/11 was a premeditated act by Muslim extremists, the oil rig exploded with out anyone flying a plane full of people into it. How disrespectful to the families of the 9/11 victims.

And that's all I got.


Kimberly White said...

I don't speak "egyptian" either ... but I think it'll be great! Hoping that you'll know when he's coming home soon! Kim

hippo chick said...

You are so precious to me.

~hippo hugs~

beth said...

1. 22 is better than 2.
2. oh teetus.
3. that's cool. wish i was there to be his teacher.
4. all five of you have changed in your own ways.
5. so cool.
6. :)
7. too funny.
8. oh felix.
happy tueSday to you, too. :)
here are 9 and 10...
9. i miss being able to talk with my friends whenever i want.
10. i wish i could skype with my friends.

nicole said...

yay for making it to 22 chrissy!
and double yay for surviving "vacation" with three this long!! 10 days away was definitely enough for me :)

Jude said...

i love felix.