Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I almost forgot today was Tuesday amidst all the chaos of traveling with children.

1. I also forgot that today makes another week down. What what? That's 23.

2. Traveling with kids is just senseless and preposterous. After getting the entire airports attention as the only passenger with a gaggle of kids{it's a small airport, but still...}I wanted to explain just why I was traveling alone. At the same time, I reasoned it's no one's business if I'm some single mama with three ill-behaving children. So when Mr. Man asked incredulously, "WHY would you travel with so many children?" I politely responded, "I don't want to, I have to."  I liked his, "so many children" bit as if I belong in an ankle length dress to head to church with my sister-brides and our commune of children...three, dude. Count 'em again.

He turned out to be a very nice guy, playing peek-a-boo with Titus when the need presented itself.

3. I was fine until Felix pushed his fists up into his eye-ball sockets and announced, "I miss Grandma and Grandpa." He didn't cry. That ain't his style. I did notice some lil red rims, though, when he took his fists away.

4. How in the world is it possible to be so homesick for two places at once? I missed my house and friends and stuff while I was gone, but when I walked in today, it felt kinda like when Sean first left. I broke my groove by leaving and now I'm kinda bummed. These last few weeks are tough. Spending all that time with family was just what I needed, but now I miss them, too. Maybe I stayed too long. The kids got used to seeing everybody.

5. I took 1159 pictures whilst away.

6. Scorpion #2 just lost his life in my bathroom. That's just not okay. I did the girl thing and called my neighbor to come kill it. SuperVick walked into the bathroom armed with nothing but a tissue. A tissue! THEN, he just picked it up and proceeded to enamor my boys with the workings of the beast. According to him, it's a small one. I saw it briefly as I screamed and slammed the bathroom door. It was about the size of a small Beagle. I just thought the kids were trying to get out of brushing their teeth. Blech. Feefs is so tough. He just turned the water on to make it go back down the drain. I snatched him out of there, wondering if Scorpions are scared of water or angered by it.

7. Said neighbor also watched my house, collected my mail, cut my grass, took us to the airport, collected us from the airport and watched the big 2 so I could get groceries this afternoon. I didn't even bring them a South Carolina keychain.

8. I picked up Simon's report card today. It hadn't occurred to me that he's going to second grade next year until I saw it in print. I just assumed time started going bakwards after first grade. How in the world can I have a second grader?? I'm much too young for that kind of nonsense.

9. I have a very involved to-do list to accomplish before Sean gets home. Mostly fun stuff, but with shots and haircuts mixed in. My utmost priority is to have as much fun with the kids as I can. I feel like I have to do something spectacular with just the four of us. I have this wierd sense that our mission isn't complete without one last hurrah.

10. The time has come. Simon wants guitar lessons. I think he's old enough and has shown interest for well over a year. I'm not committed enough to buy an expensive guitar or anything, but I will if his love is enough to practice and grow and stick with it. We shall see.

Off to finish scaling down my pictures to a postable amount! Yay for Tuesdays!


Corey said...

glad you made it back safe and sound!

Kimberly White said...

Sounds like seeing your family was a very good thing! And wow ... this is why I live in Canada - no scorpions here and that's just the way I like it. Thank God for good neighbours!

nicole said...

glad you all made it back in one piece...and just think your now in the last stretch - i think a last hurrah is in order just to celebrate your endurance alone :)