Tuesday, July 06, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. 25 weeks. If this were a pregnancy, I'd be dilating by now, right?

2. Tomorrow is the mega trash pick up day that they only do once every couple of months. The kinda pickup where people empty years worth of would be Craigslist items to the curb. There was a guy in our neighborhood all. day. yesterday snatching peoples things. He got some good stuff!

So tonight, I noticed one of my neighbors put out one of those Little Tikes turtle sandboxes. I almost bought one today!  I just couldn't bring myself to go get it from their trash pile. Aside from the total garbage picker shame mixed with an overwhelming dose of white trash, it was getting dark and I just know it's heavier than I imagine it to be. I can see me trying to be all slick and inconspicuous hefting a giant, plastic turtle upon my back, only to make it half way home before dropping it.

3. I had an epiphany yesterday. It's about the phrase, "God doesn't give you more than you can handle." Who came up with it? If it is in the Bible, would someone please give me a reference? I can't find it in there, yet everybody says it. So my epiphany is this: if we could handle it{whatever "it" may be}, when would we ever need God?

God does give us more than we can handle. That's where faith comes in. Ta da. I'm brilliant.

4. Felix's phrase of late, "Daddy's coming home today." He's been saying it every morning for about a week. He even confirms it with, "He told me he was," and "I can hear the airplane." It doesn't help that we see planes overhead all day, every day.

5. I need a sitter in a bad way. A teenager, not another parent who doesn't want to be around their own kids, let alone mine. Just someone on tap, willing to watch my hooligans so I can go shopping in places little boys are not welcome{i.e. all stores save Walmart}.

6. I watched Blindside the other night. Best movie ever. I was all inspired to go adopt a giant man-boy.

7. I took a prenatal vitamin with dinner to give my hair an extra boost. It's about 1/100 of a centimeter too short for a side pony. I'm still awake at 2am. What's that all about?

8. I was all bummed on the 4th because I remembered all this patriotic fabric I bought. My intentions way back in...March were to make a loverly red, white, and blue quilt. I'll still do it, I just like imposing holiday deadlines on myself.

9. How is my life so boring that I can't come up with ten points a week? Seriously...

10. a video. I needed something to do after the kids went to bed tonight. My brain thought making a video might be a good idea. It wasn't. It was fine in my little video maker program, but when I saved it, it cut off part of the song. Twice. I am not commited enough to the idea of a good video to rework it a third time. So just kinda hum a pretty lil diddy for the last 30 or so seconds of the video.

Untitled from Chrissy Amport on Vimeo.

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Corey said...

you always make me smile. :) good post. I totally laughed out loud about going out and adopting a giant man-boy! I love that movie.
and yes...I'm totally guilty about saying "God doesn't give you what you can't handle" Your sentament about faith is much truer, but for some reason that statement always just makes me feel better.
Loved that video and the song! awesome :)