Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 on Tuesday

A 10 on Tuesday completely devoted to the homecoming.

1. 26 weeks. That's 182 days since he left. Considering it was supposed to be a  __less_than_182_days__  deployment, I assume he'll be home soon. I think they're keeping them out of the loop, so they'll keep us out of the loop. Don't want some idiot posting about their travel plans on Twitter and screwing up the whole mission. It's happened before.

2. Yesterday, I got some American flag banners to cover the house with. Some flags to stick in the yard. I have a whole roll of paper for the kids to make signs out of. It's almost starting to feel real. HE'S REALLY COMING HOME!

3. I also bought some new unmentionables. I didn't have my kids with me. I can not take them shopping for lacy stuff. They are a reminder that clothes like that, lead to them. Which explains, quite clearly, why my current unmentionables drawer is full of things I can certainly mention, like flannel pajama pants and baggy Seattle t-shirts.

Hm. I'm starting to think maybe I am to open on my blog.

4. After my shopping trip, I sat and had lunch in a jam packed restaurant all by myself. I've done the solo thing a couple times since Sean's been gone. This time, though, I started getting choked up of the thought that that may be the last time I'll be just half a couple in a public place. Then it occurred to me that I really don't even remember what it feels like to go out, just me and him. There's been such chaos since Titus was born, with the AF and moving and settling in and the deployment came so quicly, we haven't been on a date date in forever!

5. It finally happened. I bought milk two days ago with the expiration date. By the time it starts smelling funky, Sean will be home!

6. Sean gets two weeks of R&R after he in-processes. We're planning to fly out to SC and drive Mack back. There is a guy interested in trading it for an airplane. It just so happens, my dad is in the market for a new plane. It could work. I'm not getting my hopes up, but it sure would make that military paycheck spread a bit further if we didn't have the RV payments+insurance+storage.

eta: I typed point #6 yesterday. Today I found out, he's not interested after all. He wants a diesel pusher. Good luck with that. I hope you still enjoy your new rig after that first top off at the pump, Chump.

7. I asked Sean what he wants his first American meal to be when he gets home. They're on a British base, so they've been eating British garbage rubbish for six months. Chick-fil-A. I was thinking something a bit more fancy, but deep fried chicken sandwiches it is!

8. Everybody keeps telling me to expect a big fight after the excitement of him being home wears off. I have mentally prepared myself for that, but I'm kind of a cool cucumber. I don't get so set in my ways that I will harp on him for moving the vaccum cleaner when I've gotten used to it's location for the past six months. I won't care if he folds the towels a new way or loads the dishwasher differently. I just want him here. I don't care how he'll throw a wrench in our schedules. Added to that, I'm pretty lazy deep down. So if he does anything to help, I won't nitpick. I'm just not like that.

Ask me again in a month if I'm still cucumberish. I could be a bit pickled a month from now, we shall see.

9. My neighbors/BFFs: the other day the man half came over and edged my lawn, cut my shrubs and mowed my backyard. THEN, the wife half offered to come over and help me clean the whole house before Sean gets home. They are the greatest people ever and they have helped me in so so so many ways over the last six months.

10. Of all the emotions I thought I would be feeling at this point in the game, I didn't think nervous would be one of them. I can already feel the butterflies in my gut over seeing the Other again. It's crazy in a blind date kinda way. To have this kind of anxiety over seeing someone who knows everything there is to know about me{I mean erry-thang. He was there during the farrowing of all three of his little piglets}, it's kinda cool.

Instead of rushing around doing last minute things that make sense, like airport arrival outfits X4, etc etc, I am working on a quilt and hanging more pictures on the walls. I don't know what that's all about. I tend to work more efficiently under pressure, so I put lots of stuff off 'til the last minute.

It makes life spicy.


Corey said...

oh i'm so glad you're down to days/hours/minutes from seeing your man! I would totally be nervous too. That emotion really makes sense to me. It also makes sense to me that you might have a teensy blow up at some point after the arrival. I would just expect that there would be a little adjustment period for all of you getting back into a groove. One time after Pete was gone for about 3 weeks he had just got home and was in the shower. I was in the bathroom, walked out and turned all the lights off in there like he wasn't even there. I completely forgot he was even in the same room. Just habit. LOL!
Anyway...I'm so happy for you. Can't wait to see pics of the reunion...and of your decorations and quilt :)

hippo chick said...

I'm so excited for you.

~hippo hugs~

nicole said...

so, so very excited for you chrissy!!! can't wait to see you post that you are all together again :)

Brown English Muffin said...

I just loved this post...simply can't wait.