Sunday, July 11, 2010

15/6 months

I love him.

He is all about the shoes. Forget bananas or any other previous obsession, he loves shoes with a passion. By passion I mean, he throws an absolute fit if they aren't placed upon his feet in a timely fashion should he arrive in front of you holding one. At the end of the night, forget about it. Rage. He tries to wear more than one pair at a time. This also leads to dramatic flopping about on the floor. Once he's had his fill of shoes, he wants everyone else to have shoes on, too. Our shoe basket/closet/'s a disaster. Thanks to Auntie Beth, these lovely lil Nikes were rescued from a yard sale for him. They are a perfect fit and match everything!
The kid does wear pants on a regular basis. I don't know why I have such a gathering of pictures that speak otherwise. I am not one of those moms that is okay with just a t-shirt.

His #2 passion this week has been the cowboy hat. Strategically dipped below one eye, of course.

He has a new laugh. There's a full on bellyness to it that makes him sound much more like a toddler than a baby.

He prefers strawberry in his milk, much as his predecessors did and still do. I tried to hold off as long as I could with the artificial sweetening of the milk, but he wrenched Felix's from his mouth the other day and had a taste himself. It wasn't pretty when I tried to take it away. Now he knows.

He loves to walk the streets. Closing doors, his nemesis. We take a lot of walks.

He's not into swinging anymore, he much prefers climbing up the slide. He has no fear whatsoever. He also takes the matching chair to the one pictured below and uses it to climb up and peruse the kitchen counters.

He also climbs a storage bin in the pantry to be closer to the snacks. He walks out with his arms full throughout the day. It's funny how he never goes for the healthy snacks. How does he know? How clever are the ad designers at the cookie companies that they are able to persuade even the unpersuadable?

He would rather play than eat. Unless it's junk food, of course.

He's a once a day napper, but they're good, solid naps.

He loves to climb. And chase/be chased. He's a big fan of full body peek a boo, now too. No covering your eyes baby games. You have to make your whole body invisible.

His new favorite spot is in a kid chair by the window. He likes to watch the cars drive by.

He is going through a clingy stage and if my arms are busy, he just stands on my feet until they are unbusy.

He likes bugs and has quite a knack for killing flies. He just gets excited to see them and I think they must assume he's no threat, being a baby and all. It has cost many a fly his life.

He loves to wrestle and do airplane on my legs. He noticed the tv the other day, but I think it was only b/c it was a dog commercial.

He talks. Full sentences. Freaks me out and makes me wonder if maybe Simon will pale in comparison with the non-stop talking. What he can't convey through speech, he points and grunts and squeals. He gets his point across.

He still asks for Grandma, even though it's been three weeks since we left.

I really can't decide who he looks like. Most days, like Felix. Some days, like Simon. His personality is very much Sean. Ornery little fella. :) I think he's just a perfect blend of all of us.

He is all about destroying whatever the other two are intent on building. Forts, legos, coloring, he doesn't discriminate.

He has figured out what the little silver thing on the side of the toilet is. Our water bill is gonna be high this month. Flush flush flush all the live long day.

15 months old. The best highlight of the month, knowing the man on the phone will be home before the next one passes! I am wondering how he'll react. He loves looking at pictures and listening to him talk. I don't know if he'll be shy or wary at first. I kinda expect that, but who knows? Six months without the Dada is a long time for such a little guy.

I can't believe Sean left when he was only nine months old. It puts so much into perspective. He didn't even have teeth, save a tiny little sliver of one, when Sean left. He was barely crawling. He was still such a baby.


Dettao said...

Love these pictures. He is such a cutie. I would love to see all of you again, sometime

Corey said...

i can not believe he is 15 months old already!