Sunday, July 04, 2010

boom bow bow

I think I was more patriotic before we joined the Air Force. I suppose it could have something to do with the fact that we're 2 Julys in and I've been alone for both. It's hard to get excited about things when you're mad at the world.
The cliche phrases seem to fly on the Fourth. I've been quite grouchy for about a day, so I chose to avoid other human beings today. Good call on my part. I am over it now, thanks to an awesome evening with the boyzos.

That said, if they don't sleep in until at least 9 tomorrow, I'll open the bidding upon wake-up. They have been going, going, going since we got up this morning.

We went on the hunt for a patio set since everywhere seems to have them on sale. It's the crack of July, they MUST get ready for Fall. Even though it doesn't Fall here. Our seasons are almost summer, summer, still summer and Christmas. No patio sets came home with me, I think I'll continue the seeking online.

After that grand waste of time X3 stores, they rode bikes for hours. Even I got in on it. Nothing like riding bikes with a seven year old to make you feel like a big, fat, out of shape cow. In my defense, I had my smallest manchild riding shot gun in a giant plastic seat, tossing his sippy cup every time I got up to a respectable speed. Those stop and starts earned my glutes some cheese dip.

I mowed my grass, grumbling the whole way about this, that and the other. I finally snapped out of it. The heat sucked all the energy out of my funky mood. I decided to hang up some lights in the boys clubhouse, load it up with junk food and watch as many fireworks shows as we could see.

We ended up on top of the electrical box as the neighbors house blocked our view of the big show, but it was fun. Titus was more thrilled with the neighbors security flood light, but he did let out a few, "Boom BOW BOW"s once he realized what was going on.

It was definitely a "Remember that time...?" kinda holiday. I wish Sean had been here to enjoy it with us, but as I told Simon, this is the last holiday we'll celebrate before he comes home.


Jude said...

I wish you could have been here to celebrate... i would've never made you ride a bike... LOL ;)

Melissa said...

no fireworks for rained. put the kids to bed early and i watched reruns on tv....happy 4th

sounds like you have the same weather we have here, except we have almost summer, summer, still summer and snowbird/christmas