Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I didn't think there would be another one before Sean got home, but...

1. 27 weeks. He definitely got a short tour out of this six-month-turned-seven-month deployment. A short tour is a career progression kinda thing. He'll get a little piece of decoration for his rack. It doesn't mean he'll get any longer of a break between now and his next potential deployment.

2. I heard it through the grapevine{Facebook} that they have at least made it out of Afghanistan. That makes me very, very happy. Still not getting my hopes up. There are two more stops between there and here and a whole lota glitches that can still delay things.

3. I am completely out of things to do with the kids. We can't even play outside between 10am-8pm. By the time the yard is finally shaded, it's bedtime. It is just too hot to do anything outdoors. It would help if this town had splash pads. I'm betting the reason they don't is b/c of Sea World & Schlitterbahn and all the other water parks around here. Public park splash pads would hurt business. That and there are no state income taxes, so who would pay to build 'em?

4. One last snappy session with just me and the three. I have got to get a remote for this camera. My Rebel remote isn't compatible with the 40D. Aren't their little sandpaper haircuts just the best? I love rubbing my hands on the back of their spiky little noggins.
Ya can't be a mom of boys and mind being tackled several times throughout the day.

5. My wall{pictured above} is a work in progress. The whole thing is devoted to South Carolina. I have a few new shots from our vacation to nail up there. Sean is gonna have SO many holes to fill when we move out. :) This isn't the only wall I've gone a little nuts with.

6. Yesterday, I realized there are three IHOPs between my house and Randolph AFB. I thought to myself, "Has anyone ever said, 'Mmmm, I could really go for IHOP.'?" How has that place managed to thrive? Yuck.

7. I want to un-bunk the big boys & put the bunkbeds in the baby's room. Whenever other kids come over, they climb all over their beds like they're a jungle gym. That, and they need a ceiling fan. As their room is almost a perfect square, there's nowhere to move the bed to keep them from decapitating themselves. I can't decide if this is a project I want to take on now or add to Sean's honey-do list.

8. I made tortilla soup last night. It was amazing. I used a blend of a couple different recipes sent to me. I ended up using a box of chicken stock, a cup of Simply Salsa, cilantro, 1/2 an onion, 1/4 tsp cumin, 1/2 tsp chili powder, 2 shredded chicken breasts. I think that's it. I added tortilla chips, avocado and monterrey jack cheese to garnish. Even the kids ate it.

9. I did get to talk to Sean this morning. There was a delay and we were riding bikes in the school parking lot. OF COURSE, the recycling truck came while I was on the phone. I still managed to hear a date. A date! That's all I've wanted for six months, a date of return. It's not a date I was hoping for, but at least it's this month.

10. Since there's really no chance Sean will read my blog any time soon, I am wanting to have one heckuva Welcome Home party when we get to SC. I don't know how I'll pull it off and I don't know how many people would actually come, but it's something I want to do. South Cackalackins, keep your ears to the ground, spread the word & I'll keep you posted as to the when and where.

This seriously, seriously should be my last Ten on Tuesday before he gets home.


Jude said...

boo on delays... :(
if you move here and be my neighbor I promise to put in a pool for us to share ;)

nicole said...

bummed to hear about the delays with sean too! hoping he is back to you soon!!
loving the pics of you guys though...and the wall - it looks great!

Corey said...

if you move here you won't neeeed a pool. its freezing. well i guess it's not freezing at the AFB. Well there goes my plan! shoot! But we do have splash pads :)
So glad to hear you at least know a date.
loving your wall above your bed. and the pics of you and the boys. very cute :)

Latoya said...

SOOO Glad you have a date! Yay! And I love the pics of you and the boys. Have a GREAT, FANTABULOUS week as you wait for the hubby to return. You're on the homestretch!